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Cost of Solar Panels in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – The Regulatory Authority for Public Services (Aresep) and the Costa Rican Association of Solar Energy (Acesolar) have a disagreement regarding the prices of solar panels in the country.

Aresep makes the point that the devices are simply too expensive for most Costa Rican households. An average household of four members would need to supply 250 kilowatt hours, investing at least $4,800.

Acesolar points out that the investment pays off for 20-25 years, the lifetime of the devices. Additionally, that the modules are not taxed.

Each 1KW panel in the US costs $733 while here it costs at least $2,400 because of being imported. The price is lower than average for the region.

Aresep wants to lower the price by 20% which Acesolar says doesn’t make sense because 20% is the most that companies can gain on the cost. 20% is about the price of the installation and initial connection.

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