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Cost of Private Education in CR has Doubled in Six Years

Parents who in 2006 paid private education for their children in preschool, primary and secondary, possibly twice today a they did six years ago.

This is reflected in the price indices of preschool, primary and secondary private calculate by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses.

These indexes have a base year July 2006, which means that at that time was worth a base of 100 and from there we begin to see variations.

Currently, the three indexes are reaching 200, which implies an increase of 100% between July 2006 and May 2012. Looked at another way an average increase of 16% per year.

This increase is double the general inflation which rose in that period (54%).

Until January 2009, the cost of education in these sectors grew at the rate of inflation, but from that year began to rise above this.

In higher education, the increase was slightly lower, but higher than general inflation.

To make the calculation, the Institute included 27 private schools for kindergarten, 28 for primary and 28 for secondary (in the same school can be found one or more levels) and for higher education take into account 15 public and private.

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