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Cost of Costa Rica Vehicle Inspection (Riteve) To Triple in Price?

Costa Rica News – Riteve has been hired by the government as the official company to do vehicle inspections nationwide.

riteve costa rica vehicle inspectionThe normal fee for a light vehicle is ¢9,930 but the company is requesting an increase to ¢30,320.

That would be a 205% rate increase. The company states that the huge change is warranted being that its last eight requests have all been rejected. The last rate change was in 2005 and a lot has changed since then, they say.

Riteve points out that if appropriate rate increases had been approved annually we would only be looking at a 1% change this year, meaning ¢287. The company requests a tariff model to analyze its requests.

The Public Transport Council is responsible for fixing this problem, a problem it left ignored for ten years. They started studying a method to adjust inspection rates back in 2006 and have yet to work in any changes for inflation or operating costs.

ARESEP will have to approve or reject the rate adjustment request in ten days.

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