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Corruption in Costa Rica? Say It Ain’t So

Costa Rica News – The Judicial Investigation Organization performed a raid on the Patent and Work Affairs Office of the Municipality of San Jose this Friday morning.

costa rica corruptionThis was part of an ongoing investigation into a possible peddling crime case.

The OIJ did not detain any suspects as of yet. The action was intended to collect an abundance of documentation that was relevant to the investigation. There was already an internal investigation into the matter.

The initial complaint had been filed last year in October. The complaint regarded the granting of an operation license to a restaurant in La Sabana.

It was said that many people face annoying delays in obtaining a permit to run a business while others easily obtain them, possibly because of connections or bribes.

The person who made the complaint has become the victim of death threats. Offensive calls were made to this person by 17 different numbers.

The police are aware of the threats.

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