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Controversy and Pope Francis’ Inauguration

Costa Rica News – You can tell me all the reasons that I am wrong and that all heads of countries should be attending this inauguration of Pope Francis, especially in Latin America since he is from Argentina, but let’s take a step back and examine the true motivation behind Costa Rica sending their president there.

Benedict XVI, Laura ChinchillaLaura Chinchilla has a terrible presidential rating right now, this was seen as an opportunity to try to gain favor with some of the population and is backfiring already.  I am not saying that this is entirely her fault.  It is not her fault she is surrounded by people that are corrupt down to the fiber that makes them up.  It is not her fault that (sorry to say this) the men in government are taking advantage of her because she is a woman.

It is not her fault that like the President in the United Statess, she is just a figure head and Congress and more specifically lobbyist and powerful people’s money are actually in control  of the government both in Costa Rica and in the United States.  Money controls everything and the fact is most governments in the world are not longer a voice of the people….they are a voice of the rich and powerful.

Just once I want to see a modern day president stand up for what is right and start being a voice for the people. Stop bribes and corruption at the highest level of government.  Stop allowing money to influence decisions and start making decisions based on what is best for the people. Stop spending tax payers money on trips to the Vatican or in the United States, trips to play golf with Tiger Woods or go skiing in Aspen.  Stand up and say enough……or if they do what are the consequences…..Abraham Lincoln……JFK……how far does the rabbit hole go?

Every time I see that photo of Chinchilla dressed in black with the former Pope it looks to me like an evil spirit or witch visiting Pope Benedict XVI.

Maybe these world leaders should go over there and ask for forgiveness and dedicate themselves to changing things for the better.  But who are they asking for forgiveness…..the Catholic Church sometimes seen as the cause of much controversy in humanity.  Money, sex, greed, land, slavery, oil and power have a lot to do with warfare and anguish, but it is difficult to find a terrible event in human history where religion didn’t have at least a tiny bit of negative influence on the situation.

When will the cycle end? The world is in a downward spiral and there is a battle between good and evil happening right now every single day, and guess what……evil is winning.


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