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Contracts, Corruption, & Fraud in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – For as long as there are corrupt governments or corrupt individuals, problems like records disappearing will always arise. A group called SEE Taxi along with the Public Transport Council are investigating under what conditions permits were given to 22 companies.

see taxi costa ricaThere is a question over sequestered records at headquarters. The fraud unit of the Judicial Investigation Organization has been ordered to look into the matter (a mandate that was issued last February) by the Office of Integrity, Transparency and Anti-Corruption.

The missing documents do not mean that a crime was committed, necessarily, but we can agree it draws attention. The concentration of permits (1,680 exactly) given to just 7 companies is another red flag.

Were there abnormalities or crimes committed three years ago? What of the company-employee relationships? The organization is now cooperating with the OIJ in getting to the bottom of all this.

A SEE Taxi spokesman expressed pleasure in knowing that an end will be put to the speculations.

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