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Contract Awarded for Costa Rica’s Moin Terminal

Costa Rica News – Van Oord and BAM International have been awarded a joint contract for designing and constructing Phase 2A of the container terminal in Moin, Costa Rica, for APM Terminals. The contract is worth $460 million, split just about evenly between the two companies. The project should take 3 years to complete.

container terminal moin costa ricaThe team will construct both the new terminal and the marine access. Van Oord will build a 1.5 kilometer rock breakwater and improve the soil and dredging of the channel and turning basin. BAM International will build the 650 meter quay wall, the pavement, and utility buildings.

The project started by APM Terminals in 2011 with a purpose of developing a world-class sustainable container terminal that is more modern than the current port which handles 80% of the country’s maritime commerce.

The project, when completed, will help Costa Rica’s international trade competitiveness and reduce the costs associated with the shipping industry by offering an enhanced and more efficient system for cargo handling and security.

Attracting more international investment will lead to the creation of new jobs and increased business growth throughout the region. A secondary goal is to become energy efficient and eco-friendly, offsetting the emissions we have at the current port.

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