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Contemporary Dance Festival Begins in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment News – Dance opens many doors. It can speak much louder than words can at times. I think we will see this at the festival of contemporary dance that starts today. It’s called “A Pure Body.”

A puro cuerpo dance festival costa rica 2Tonight will feature a discussion with all the participating dancers and choreographers. The admission for this inauguration is free. A photo exposition is also free for tonight. The pieces of dance that will be featured over the next three nights had to meet a few requirements. They are to be 20 minutes long, not have any set, and use a soundtrack by a national composer. Three to five dancers are allowed per group.

The first group to perform will dance “Cubic,” which has a theme of how perspective changes depending on the angle from which you see something. This gives a glimpse into why two people can see the same thing differently.

Saturday night’s performance is “Blood,” a sensual and erotic dance with a goal of showing that sexy doesn’t have to mean vulgar. The dancers will take us through various sensations that prove that point.

On the last night we will see an improv group that represents the absence of creation and the focus on human reactions in the absence of stability. This group wants to convey raw emotion without being pretentious or planned. They consider dance talking with the body and playing a game where anything can change.

Reservations can be made at 2223-8263 for 4,000 colones. Students and seniors get 1,000 off the general admission price. The festival will take place on 13th street, 250 meters north of the swimming pool at Plaza Víquez.

For more information you can check out their Facebook Page

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