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Consecrated Virgins Meeting in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The Costa Rica Catholic Church has an Order of Consecrated Virgins that will hold their first national meeting this Saturday, January 9th in the Cartago campus of Tecnológico de Costa Rica.

Order of Consecrated Virgins costa rica 1The event will start at 8am in the conference hall of the Central Library on campus.

The religious event will be attended by priests, seminarians, bishops and headed by the Archbishop of San José, José Rafael Quirós.

There will be spiritual events as well as testimonies from women who have had many years in the faith. Gloria Irene Alvaro is going to speak about the “Spirituality of the Consecrated Virgin.”

Two US consecrated virgins will attend the meeting and speak of their experience in the order in their country.

There are about 50 consecrated virgins in Costa Rica, in both urban and rural parts of the nation.

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