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Conavi Announces Vaulted Sewer to Plug Hole in General Cañas Highway

Well Costa Rica government just because you need to fix something does not mean you have to rush into a expensive project that might be another mistake.  The hole in the highway occurred about 3 weeks ago.  I am going to make the general assumption that a proper engineering assessment has not been preformed for this project nor a proper cost evaluation.  It takes weeks for anything to get done in CR so obviously either this is another way to scam money from the Costa Rica tax payers or is just not being done correctly or the most probable conclusion is both. 

The National Roads Authority announced this afternoon that it will build a sewer to solve the enormous vaulted recess of the General Cañas highway.

It will be a false tunnel of 52 meters in length that cross the width of the highway in the area of Los Arcos in Belen, Heredia. Lets see the plans on this the cost assessment. Both of these should be available to the public

The work is estimated to cost $ 3 million and will be responsible for the company MECO, the same responsible for regular maintenance General Cañas Highway.

Jose Luis Salas, president of Conavi, said the work will be done in days of 24 hours, but there will be road closures from 9 pm to 5 am in the sense that the work is in progress.

At night, the traffic police should take alternate routes to enter or leave for Heredia Alajuela or Route 27 (a boiler).

The construction period will vary if weather conditions do not.

This already reeks of a money misappropriation scam by the CR government.

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