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Colorado Setting DUI Limit for Marijuana

No matter how they measure this there are going to be so many fines that lawyers are going to get thrown out because they will say the pot was smoked another day. Colorado is set to introduce stricter rules on from driving under the influence of marijuana, following the drug’s legalization in the state.

MarijuanaA plan to legalize the drug for adults over the age of 21 was backed by voters under the passage of Amendment 64 in November last year.

But politicians are concerned that increasing use of marijuana could lead to more people driving under the influence.

Supporters of the introduction of tighter sanctions have pointed to evidence from 2011 revealing that 13 per cent of fatal crashes in the state involved the drug.

Lawmakers have already tried to pass a bill on three occasions in previous years, so they have watered down proposals to ensure their progression this time.

The current proposals set a limit of five nanograms of THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana, per milliliter of blood.

Repuplican Mark Waller, R-Colorado Springs, who has put forward the bill, said: ‘So we’re saying you’re presumed to be under influence of marijuana at five nanograms.’

But Mr Waller, a former prosecutor, told CBS that even if over that limit drivers could still get off.

He admitted that the burden of proof will be higher for police and prosecutors, suggesting they will need further evidence of impairment, such as dangerous driving or slurred speech.

The proposal is aimed at addressing the concerns of medical marijuana users, who are often chronically over the five nanogram limit.

Mr Waller said: ‘I think that’s what’s going to help it pass this year.’

Marijuana advocates, however, have argued that five nanograms is an arbitrary limit.

Many argue the rules will result in people who smell like marijuana having unnecessary blood tests taken.

Mr Waller said: ‘It is time to act. We need to do something to protect the citizens of Colorado, and that’s exactly what this driving under influence of marijuana does.’




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