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Cocaine Jet “Accidentally” Lands in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Do you ever put on your tinfoil hat and start to really think that governments just allow drug trade to happen because of the money involved? Do you think that the cartels and drug dealers allow a certain number of shipments to be captured in order to keep the citizens thinking there actually is a war on drugs? Just thinking out loud.

costa rica cocaine jetThe Costa Rican authorities claim they have seized a aircraft transporting greater than a ton of cocaine and also they detained the 2 aircraft pilots from Guatemala.

The nation’s public safety ministry states the small aircraft had been traveling from Cali, Colombia, before it had an “unexpected emergency landing” Monday at a private airstrip on the Caribbean coast.

The ministry alleges law enforcement detained a Guatemalan male and his adult son along with fifty-one packages possessing forty-four pounds of cocaine each. The suspects are located in the custody of prosecutors in the region of Limon.

Regulators state law enforcement established that the jet plane is associated to the owner of a chain of stores in Guatemala and are attempting to find him.

Officials also believe a unlawful gang in the region assisted the aircraft execute the emergency landing.

Sorry I do not think this was an emergency landing and either these drug traffickers have really mad timing or they were the cartels sacrificial lambs.

What do you think?

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