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Close Enough to Touch; Costa Rica’s Virgin of Los Angeles (La Negrita)

Costa Rica News – Thousands have faith in the Virgin of Los Angeles, also known as “La Negrita.

la-negrita costa rica 1If you believe in this and want to try to touch La Negrita, she is now a little closer to touch.

The small statue in her image first appeared 400 years ago and is now housed in a national shrine in the city of Cartago.

The local diocese has reduced the separation between the stone and the worshippers, who can now have the honor of touching it.

The estimate is that around 1,000 pilgrims visit La Negrita daily.

Visitors to the “La Basilica” church can also see, through a glass, remnants of marble steps that were part of the ancient church which was destroyed in the 1910 earthquake.

Additionally, they can see the source of the holy water, a few meters from there.

On June 8th, the priest Jose Francisco Arias was formalized at the site where the image of the patron saint first appeared. This was the first time a mass was ever celebrated at this location.

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