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Cisco Launching Connect Event in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – With companies like Intel and HP investing a lot of dollars in Costa Rica operations, Cisco has decided that the Costa Rica technology atmosphere is a great location to launch one of their new events. 

cisco costa rica 1Cisco has announced its Cisco Connect event that will take place in San Jose, Costa Rica, from the 10th to 12th of September. Cisco, along with its main customers and business partners from Central America, Caribbean and the northern part of South America (CANSAC), will present the latest developments in business services, networks and connectivity, including those in video, cloud, collaboration, security and the Internet of Everything.

With the attendance of approximately 1,000 professionals, Cisco Connect will feature the participation of Cisco representatives like Howard Charney, Cisco senior vice president, and Jordi Botifoll, president for Latin America, and also of Latin American business professionals.

Cisco Connect Costa Rica is the first Connect event among the 35 the company plans to execute around the world this year. It is estimated that the event will exceed an investment of USD 1 million and that it will gather exponents of the technology industry as well as local and international press from more than 10 countries of the region.

Let’s hope that the Costa Rican government does not see this as a chance to line their pockets with “chorizo” (bribes and kickbacks), and sees what this really is, the chance for them to showcase the country and possibly grow the IT sector of the economy……which is a huge part of the GNP in Costa Rica. Bringing more IT jobs to Costa Rica and giving the population the ability to make money not in a sportsbook or call center would give people something to strive to achieve.

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