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Cirque du Soleil Returning to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment News – Corteo, the newest Cirque du Soleil work, is a risky show that will surely capture the audience of Costa Rica. This is the Canadian company’s second visit to the country. The large event will be held at  Hacienda Espinal, in Alajuela.

corteo cirque du soleil 1Their performance last year was the most successful show in Costa Rican history, with 100,000 attendees. The troupe couldn’t wait to come back and now they have their chance.

Corteo will feature a clown named Mauro who travels between fantasy and reality, imagining what his own funeral will be like. There will be tons of emotion, backed by music and dancing galore.

This piece has a total of 17 numbers, six more than we saw in last year’s show, Varekai. The artists will push their limits and show us gymnastic and balance tricks we’ve never seen.

The work is done in a style usually reserved for Vegas, the beach setup, in which the actors are completely surrounded by spectators. This means more front row seats for us, but it’s a lot harder on the performers who have to make each movement appreciated from so many angles.

The stage will be complete with two large turntables and a gorgeous backdrop inspired by the French painter Adolphe Willette. There are hundreds of costumes eloquently designed with rhinestones and airbrushing.

To prepare for this technologically complex show, the group must transport 100 containers worth of equipment. They’ll arrive in late December and the show will be the first week of January.

Tickets can be purchased at or by calling 2295-9400. They range from ¢38,080-140,000.


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