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Christmas Trees in Costa Rica Can Cost An Arm & A Leg

Christmas in Costa Rica – The price of a Christmas tree of cypress can reach up to ¢ 150,000. These trees are characterize by the heights that can reach more than five meters with an intense color of green, strong aroma and close to perfect Christmas shapes. Most have been under the care of the farm for over three years.

costa-rica-christmas-treesGenerally, these types of trees are purchased by shopping centers, companies and organizations, explained Mónica Elizondo from El Portal grove in Salitrillos de Aserrí.

Most sought-after cypress for families are between 1.20 and 1.70 meters, and farm prices range between ¢ 6,000 and ¢ 20,000, according to a survey conducted by La Nacion among some producers. The size of these traditional trees has been decreasing as houses or apartments become smaller, according to those consulted.

Some farmers, such as Guillermo Ortiz Rojas from Corralillo, Cartago, say they are going to leave the business because now it is not profitable. Ortiz has more than 10 years in in this type of work.

Despite of the statement, a study by engineers Gustavo Torres Córdoba and Dorian Carvajal Vanegas of the Costa Rican Technological Institute (ITCR) found that in 2012 this activity was profitable. The engineers described the activity as reforestation modality because the trees receive special care from the time of planting until harvest, making it an activity of an intensive nature.

Cypress in Costa Rica have adapted well in areas with temperatures between 12 and 24 degrees Celsius and with rainfall between 1,000 and 3,500 millimeters per year.

Helberth González, from the González grove in Altos de Trinidad, Moravia, explained that he has about 2,500 species with prices ranging from ¢ 10,000 to ¢ 80,000. He sells them on his farm with a schedule of 7 A. M. to 7 P. M., during daylight.

Meanwhile, Elizondo reported that they have 1,500 trees ranging from ¢ 10,000 to ¢ 12,000 but also relocate the larger trees, more that five meters tall, in malls and other places with very wide spaces.

Ortiz, from Corralillo de Cartago sells them starting at ¢ 6,000, both to intermediaries and to families who come to his estate.

Miguel Arce Morera in Llano Bonito, Cirrí Sur de Naranjo, offers trees for ¢ 8,000 to wholesalers.

In 2005, the value of cypress trees began at ¢ 3,000 and would go up to ¢ 25,000, according to a report made by the Documentation and Information Center of La Nación. For 2008, the values ranged between ¢ 8,000 to ¢ 12,000, and in 2010 the sale of the common tree for a house was between ¢ 8,000 to ¢ 20,000.

All this concludes that the price of this ornament has not changed much in colones currency.

By Brenda Sotelo

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