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Christmas Is Over; Welcome the New Year With Costa Rican Bullfights

Costa Rica Events – Christmas day has passed and we are in that brief stretch between that holiday until the New Year. That means it is time for bullfights in Costa Rica.  This annual tradition brings people from all around the country to watch people harass bulls in a ring.  

costa rica bullfights 1This year we have even more ways to celebrate the end of the year, as there are now two fairgrounds with bullfights. There’s Zapote and now Pedregal.

This sport we love so much will also be featured on TV.

Channels 6, 7 and 9 will broadcast the entertainment. Repretel is known for the comedic characters it brings to the season.

This year they are adding Franklin Vargas and Nel López, two national comedians.

Channel 7 will also make us laugh with the traditional Carlos Alvarez and crew.

They also bring us expert commentary from those who know bullfighting best, like Jorge Matamoros.

Channel 9 will be featuring the events at Pedregal, the new addition to this bullfighting season.

This convention center is where the heavyweights of the country’s bulls will fight.

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