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Christmas in Costa Rica – 14 Bands Confirmed for the Festival of Lights

Costa Rica News – Although we are not quite in November yet the preparations for the Christmas holidays in Costa Rica has begin.  Starting around December 20th almost everything will shit down in Costa Rica expect for businesses in the service industry.

Music from a total of 14 bands will fill the streets of San Jose on the 15th of December at the Festival of Lights.

The City of San Jose, the organizer of the activity, announced yesterday the bands that have been selected.

Among the selection are the talented bands like the HIGA Band of Guatemala (which is the only international representation) and the Orotina Community Band, which has been awarded top prizes in previous festivals.

The list includes the following: the San Jose Municipal Band, Banda School of Our Lady of the Abandoned, Banda Municipal de Acosta, Zarcero Municipal Band, Band Liceo de San Carlos , Palmares Youth Band, Band Guanacasteca Union, Cantonal Youth Band Limon, Banda Communal Fortune, Sinem Marching Band Nicoya, Francisco J. Youth Band Band Sarchí Orlich and Cedes Don Bosco.

These are all marching bands and practice for months prepping for this event.

If you are looking for activities to do when living or visiting Costa Rica this December…..the Festival of Lights is a must see.

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