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Christian Outreach in Turrialba Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Positive news in Costa Rica is sometimes hard to come by and it seems the negative had be focused on too much.   But something new is happening in Turrialba, Costa Rica’s mountainous coffee country. Groups of Christians have come together in order to offer free healthcare, entertainment, and a life changing message to their community.

Festival-of-Joy-Costa-RicaThe outreach stretches across the region and is a great model of cooperation. 20 Christian churches and ministries are involved. Many individuals are volunteering their time and services.

The main objective is to share joy. Evangelist J.A. Perez explained, “The goal is to preach the Gospel, to let them know about Jesus.” The group plans to show the love of Christ through actions. They are giving back to the community before preaching.

The group is able to go into schools, prisons, and parks to tell people about God. They also put on activities for youth and kids that involve skateboarding and music. Many youth showed up for the BMX bike riding exhibition.


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