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Chito & Pocho; CR Man Tames Crocodile (Video)

Costa Rica – For everyone that has not heard the true Costa Rican story about Chito & Pocho, it is one you should not miss. The story of the fisherman Gilberto Sheden, known as Chito, and his pet crocodile Pocho, turned up all over Costa Rica a few years ago through various reports in newspapers and programs on television.

chito pocho videoThe case soon attracted the attention of the world press, and it reached the ears of the prestigious National Geographic, who traveled to Costa Rica in 2009 to film the story.

This documentary was released a few weeks ago in the U.S and this Saturday August 10th it will air in Latin America, at 7 pm and with the title The Charming Crocodile.

The official site National Geographic has promoted both premieres and explains that there is a special touching relationship  that developed between a man and a predatory animal like the crocodile.

Years ago, Chito nursed a wounded crocodile, which called Pocho. Since then, the two have formed a bond that was unthinkable. This documentary examines the surprising relationship between the oldest land predator and a unique man that defies the boundaries of the natural world, “says National Geographic site.

And that friendship is born between them came to the point that the animal allowed Chito to enter his lagoon home and teach some tricks. From these tricks a show was put together for four years for the public at the Centre Tilapia and attracted national and international press, until the death of the crocodile.

The death of Pocho happened on October 16th of last year and was quite a shock to Limón and the surrounding areas. In fact, the croc’s body went through the center of the county in a procession to give him a dignified farewell.

After all, Pocho had become an international celebrity.

Chito, humble and affable, recounted some anecdotes that occurred during the filming of the documentary but, above all, he thinks about the pain he still feels over the death of Pocho, who had become to him like his own “child”. Such was the bond that united them.

Take a peek at the video below to see the pair Chito & Pocho in action before the crocodile’s death. Also if you want to see the documentary tune into National Geographic at 7 pm this Saturday August 10th.

Chito & Pocho Video

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