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Chinese Presidential Holiday in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – A few weeks back basically all of San Jose shut down with the arrival of President Barack Obama to Costa Rica.  Government workers were given the day off…..a nice invented holiday for Costa Rica that gave many Costa Ricans a 3 day weekend…..Barack Obama Costa Rica Arrival Day. 

Chinese President Xi Jinping CoBarack Obama arrived on a Friday and left before the weekend was over. The Chinese President Xi Jinping will be arriving on a Sunday and leaving Tuesday, June 2nd through the 4th. It has been said that Chinese President Xi Jinping will receive the same treatment as the US President.

So that’s right Monday June 2nd, 2013 is now a Costa Rica national holiday…. Xi Jinping Costa Rica Day!!!! You can celebrate by visiting the Costa Rica’s National Stadium (if you can actually get into San Jose) or having a bowl of shark fin soup.

The Chinese president arrives Sunday afternoon. It will be the second visit by a Chinese president since diplomatic ties were established in 2007 as in 2008 Hu Jintao arrived in the country.

On security devices Xi’s visit, the Security Minister Mario Zamora said they will try to prevent the the security from being predictable.

“The best security is not seen,” said Zamora, who said that in this area there will be equal treatment, but it does not mean identical.

“Obama’s visit was in a bilateral context and then a meeting with Central American presidents,” said Zamora.

Now What Everyone Has Been Waiting For Another Costa Rica Holiday Announcement! 

The Ministry of the Presidency confirmed that on Monday June 3rd it will be a day off for government officials in view of the public interest served Xi’s visit.

For Obama’s visit, the day off was applied in Alajuela, San José, Escazú, Belen Montes de Oca, Goicoechea and Curridabat.

Expect the same cantons to have the day off, but maybe sprinkle in Puntarenas as that is where most of the shark finning occurs.



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One Comment;

  1. Jaime G Vargas said:

    Dan exposes those banana republic antics Costa Rica fondly continues to engage in and the hypocrisy surrounding the shark fin industry which continues to operate in Pacific waters.

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