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Chinchilla Speaks Out About Solis

Costa Rica News – For her last months as president, Laura Chinchilla was pretty quiet. She passed the power to Luis Guillermo Solis about a month ago, remarking about how she will miss being president, but looks forward to more time with family.

tax evasion costa ricaNow, just one month after he took office, she is getting loud, criticising him.

Specifically, she is criticising the decision to remove a guideline about cases of tax evasion. This decision has not officially been published, but it is well known. She said that the decision will only hurt the Treasury.

The goal, of course, is not to burden the Treasury, but to make tax evaders obtain resources to pay the State quicker. Some change must happen to make sure that the big tax evaders are not the ones who ‘win.’

Cases like Capital Leasing Corporation of Belize simulating sales and making themselves a hidden $3 million must be avoided, because it’s these type of companies that have the potential to most hurt or benefit the economy of the States.

In 2002, the damage had already reached 450 million colones. Over the years, the interest has accrued and caused a social damage of over 1.9 billion colones!

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