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Child Support Ordered for Not Aborting Baby

World News – How far has the world fallen?  I feel sick looking around these days and seeing that in the daily battle of good and evil on this planet is being won by evil!

The implications of socialist medicine are rearing its ugly head in Spain.

Spain made abortion legal in 2010 under a socialist government. Soon after, one Spanish woman, 7 weeks pregnant, decided to have an abortion, a surgical procedure which is literally sucking the baby from the womb in a jar.

The process went well according to the medical doctor, although the patient had returned for a follow up ultrasound two weeks later and established the “success” of the surgical procedure.

Only one problem: the patient still felt the symptoms of pregnancy three months later and was surprised to hear her gynecologist who said she was 5 months pregnant.

The abortion hospital very generous and competent decided to reimburse the patient for surgical procedure that failed and another abortion was kindly offered free of charge beyond the legal limit
of 22 weeks. The patient decided to keep the child in place, and sued the health center.

The Spanish legal system awarded the patient 150,000 euros in moral damages and ordered the clinic to make a $1,000 monthly payment for child support to help raise the child.

Where is the father? Who knows? But of course, the clinic is in charge by the State, not by the patient. Welcome to the world of socialization, liberal medicine, in which the taxpayers can be forced to pay full board, if a doctor does not kill a patient an unborn child.

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