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Child Abuse & Video For Costa Rica Scum

Costa Rica New – These are the people that you lock away, throw away the key and torture.  

A 63-year-old man abused his 8-year-old niece and recorded it, producing child pornography.

The OIJ carried out raids of his home and workplace, seizing all sorts of electronic storage devices such as USB keys, computers and cell phones on which the criminal acts were recorded.

Another man created a fake Facebook profile to ask for photos that are compromising to minors, spreading child pornography. He stole photos from girls’ Facebook pages and told them that to be removed they would have to send pictures of someone else.

In both cases, the children told their parents who then reported the crimes to the OIJ. Investigations are ongoing and both men face jail time.

If anyone knows of victims in similar situations they are urged to tell the OIJ.

The OIJ explains that people are now daring more to denounce such crimes. Unfortunately, the crimes are common so parents of minors must be careful about who their children are around in person and in social networks.

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