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Chespirito (El Chavo) Would Have Loved to Call Costa Rica Home

Costa Rica News – There are only a few people in Latin America that were not touched in some way by “El Chavo”. 

el-chavo-1His real name was Roberto Gómez Bolaños, but he was better known as Chespirito or El Chavo. This beloved actor passed away from heart failure yesterday in his home. He was 85 years old.

All of Latin America loved Chespirito. Costa Rica loved him and the feeling was mutual. He once said that if he had to choose a place to live he would have chosen Costa Rica. He also loved his homeland of Mexico.

His last visit to Costa Rica was in 2008, for “La media docena,” which was presented in the Melico Salazar Theater. On his visit he also had lunch with ex-president Óscar Arias. They talked about serious issues like the economic crisis and also about the various characters Chespirito played.

Another comedian, Edgar Murillo, said that Chespirito motivated him to keep following his dreams.

He was a legend of dedication to the profession. He taught that it’s never too late to do what one likes.

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