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Chepe Rock Begins in Costa Rica Saturday

Costa Rica Entertainment –  Chepe Rock music festival is this Saturday. A whole eight hours of live music in downtown San Jose!

chepe rock 2015Make a day of it with family and friends or at least swing by to sing and dance for a while.

It will take place in the Plaza de la Democracia. A total of ten bands will perform, 8 from Costa Rica and the others from Mexico and Argentina. The core genre is rock but there will be touches of ska, reggae, indie and heavy rock as well.

This event is brought to us by the radio station OK! (105.5 FM). Percance, Cocofunka, Akasha, Alphabetics, La Milixia, Fuerza Dread, Still Dogs and Tan’Gente are the Costa Rican groups.

DJDiego Umaña will also make an appearance.

Los Caligaris will visit us from Argentina and Inspector from Mexico.

The festival will start on Saturday at noon and go until around 8:30 p.m. The order that the bands will perform is going to be a surprise to all.

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