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Cheap Flights Cause Mass Migration of Costa Ricans to Peru

Costa Rica News – A friend of mine contacted me a couple of nights ago talking about wanting to head to Peru with me and that the flights were only $100.  

Peruvian women in national clothing, The Sacred Valley, PeruIt was late at night and I said I would look into it in the morning. Like a person a day late to a black Friday sale all the tickets were gone by the time I went online.

In just 18 hours, thousands of people (2,100) bought tickets to fly from Costa Rica to Peru. Why Peru? At $108, why not! The normal price is $900 on both Avianca and Copa Airlines but competition led to this incredible deal.

In the third quarter of 2014, they flew 286,382 passengers from Juan Santamamaría Airport. They are in the lead, with Copa having transported 208,518 during that period.
Avianca decided to fight for even more clients by facilitating the experience with such a low fare. is a travel discount site that Avianca used to publicize its great deals and special offers. They made discounts widely available and well known throughout Latin America.

This is the first time in a while that competition has so greatly helped Ticos. I’ve never before heard of a $100 flight all the way to Peru.

Experts recommend reading the fine print and checking into entry requirements to visit Peru before purchasing a ticket.


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