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Chayanne and Marc Anthony Promise a Unique Show in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – For all you Costa Rican music lovers you are in for a treat at the end of September of another couple of entertainers that are in the twilight of their careers coming to Costa Rica.  The next singers that will be arriving in Costa Rica are  Marc Anthony and Chayanne. These Puerto Ricans will be presented on Saturday 29 September, at the National Stadium, in a concert in which the Colombian musician Fonseca will be special guest.

marc anthony chayanne costa ricaIn a press release from Arceyut Productions, responsible for the production, it was reported that these artists will sing together during most of the concert  and also exchange songs, so they can perform songs in the Chayanne saucy version and Marc Anthony romantic pop style .

“It’s definitely a dynamic show never seen before in Costa Rica that will go down in history as one of the best concerts witnessed by the national public, “said Ernesto Arceyut in the statement. We all know there is no bias there.

To stay in the country, Chayanne requested a diet healthy foods like fish, chicken and lots of salads.

Also, you want to always have water and fresh fruits like bananas, kiwi, orange, watermelon and is expected mango. She needs to book a room at a hotel with a gym and golf course.

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