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Chasing the Supernatural in Guatemala

Supernatural News – The Costa Rican Times has started a new column each week that will talk about the supernatural adventures of our special guest writer,  Paul Dale Roberts, HPI International Paranormal Explorer and Adventurer. Hope you enjoy this weeks journey into the unknown in Guatemala.  Be careful do not ready right before you go to bed……..Bwah ha ha ha ha… best attempt at an evil laugh.  

Guatemala Supernatural Adventure – I am staying at the very haunted Howard Johnson hotel in Guatemala City. This place is very gothic and seems ancient, but is only 20 years old, I am told! Wagner Rocha, the hotel manager says that the clothing machines will go on by themselves and at 3 am the sound of dishes being moved around is heard in the kitchen. Several of the rooms may be haunted. Remember, the hotel may be fairly new, but the land is very old. Guatemala City is very haunted, over 2000 people were killed by its prior president. plus, we have the spirits of Tikal.

I gave the shuttle driver a $5.00 tip to get to the hotel. Taxi drivers are known to rip you off, so it was nice to have a shuttle driver for this vacation, I can’t tell you how many times I have been ripped off by those notorious taxi drivers! I noticed in Guatemala, there are many soldiers, many police, many armed guards with shotguns and even machine guns. I learn from other Guatemalans that they consider their country as a ‘police state’. To see these many guards, soldiers and police, it’s somewhat intimidating. At my hotel, I have 2 armed guards with powerful shotguns patrolling the outdoor premises.

La Siguanaba: When a man is alone and is thinking of a woman, La Siguanaba will come in your sleep and take you away. One man that she took away was found in a cave along a hillside, he didn’t know how he got there. He was gone for a week. He was placed under regressive hypnosis, he saw that La Siguanaba swept him away and placed him in the cave.

El Duende: This is some kind of elf, a very little person on a big horse. El Duende is attracted to cows and will take care of the baby calves when they are born. El Duende does not hurt anyone, but has this strange fondness of newborn calves.

Estancia de la Virgen Maria: People have claimed that this statue along the hillside will actually move.

Zombie Woman of Guatemala named Maria: The story is that she died and came back to life. Many people witnessed this and there is no explanation for the story.

June 12, 2013: Other stories that Oscar told me, that were not paranormal is that Guatemala does not play with criminals and criminals don’t play with cops. A gang member will easily walk up to a cop and kill him. When a crime like that is committed, there is no arrest and trial, the cops will seek out the gang member and kill him instantly. One of the most dangerous gangs are the machete wielding MS 13. Oscar says: “Guatemala don’t play, it’s not like the states.” There are also many armed robberies in Guatemala, that is why there are so many armed guards.

On June 12, 2013, I visited the ancient Mayan city of Tikal. Tikal is known to be very haunted. I can sit here and try to explain to you the history of Tikal, but why should I do that, when we now have Wikipedia.

Read about the history of Tikal here:

A real exorcism that happened in Guatemala, see here:

June 12, 2013 is a good day for ghost hunting! While in Tikal, I talked with Luis Chavez, Rodrigo Guiterrez and Manuel Luis. They tell me back in February 2013, while camping near Tikal, they observed 3 orange globes UFOs that were hovering over Tikal. Then from one of the globes a emerald colored man levitated down from the globe. The emerald colored man flew over to their campsite and hit them with what they felt was a scanning ray. The 3 men felt paralyzed and feel they lost 4 hours of time. When the 3 men came to, their fire was out and daylight was breaking. While in Tikal, I captured an EVP, that is saying in Mayan: “il muul teelo”, which means see pyramid over there.

‘il muul teelo’ translated is: ‘see pyramid over there’.

Before I get into the paranormal stuff, I learned why the men who hang out from the red public buses, do what they do. They actually get paid to hang out from the bus, to look for cars that may hit the bus. I am
told that there are many armed guards in this city, only to make sure the city is safe. I also learned there are many camcorders on many of the main streets and people can turn on their TVs 24/7 and watch the traffic on any given street in Guatemala City. I also observed that certain men will urinate in public, they will find a tree and just start peeing. This is kind of an odd behavior. I didn’t mention this before, but when I flew into Panama City in Panama, I saw the gorgeous Panama Canal from the air. I flew right over the Panama Canal. The weather has been in the 70s every day that I have been here. Another observation I made is that Guatemaleans are small in stature, while I tower over them like a giant. My guess is that they all have Mayan blood in them and in turn they are a small people, because Mayans were known to be small people. I want to also thank Cesar Rodas for being a source of good information about Guatemala.

Here is a famous ghost story in Guatemala

Other famous Guatemalean ghost stories as told by Oscar Rene Calderon Orontes:

About 30 years ago, Guatemala City was mostly fields. A family that lived in a small house, who were indigenous to the area would use their fireplace for light, instead of electricity. They were known to take late night walks in the woods and fields. They made many claims of seeing gnomes in the woods and fields.

El_Sombreron gautemalaSOMBRERON:
This is a story about a little man with a big hat, he was known to visit farms and braid the horse tails. He braided the horse tails so well, that the farmers were unable to unbraid his handiwork, they would have to cut off the braiding. When farmers saw the braided horse tails, they knew Sombreron was nearby and that they were in danger of Sombreron taking their daughter away. He was known to steal little girls. Note: Sounds like a ‘grey abduction’, but told in a different light.

When going to this church, Guatemala citizens make claim that they can hear people moaning and walking around in chains. You can hear these sounds at 2am or 3am any given night.

A man testifies that he would see an old woman go into this church to pray and one day he followed her into the church and sat behind her, she was on her knees praying. He noticed that she dropped her handkerchief and when he sought her out inside the church, she vanished. He went to the church several times looking for her and she was never seen again. He later determined that he saw a ghost.

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI International Paranormal Explorer and Adventurer  

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