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Chasing Ghosts – Demons in Gilroy

Ghosts & the Supernatural – On this day, Monique, Amy and Wendy rode with me to Gilroy to investigate a haunted home. Near this home is the infamous Pacheco Pass, where many people died from car accidents, a place that people claim they drive through a time warp.

ouija board 1In 1967, a couple is driving through Pacheco Pass and detect a green mist in the nearby fields. Their vehicle is blanketed by the green mist and they find themselves driving in the past, possibly the 1800s, because they see two cowboys on horses and their garb appeared to be in the 1800s era. As they watched the cowboys, they simply vanished and they found themselves driving through the green mist once more. When they came out of the mist, they were now in their own time period/reality. This couple experienced a time slip. Jen has found time to be distorted when she drives through Pacheco Pass.

Back to the haunting in this home. Monique did a walk-through and detected the hot spot of this home. Monique has never been in this home and did not talk to the occupant, but yet she knew exactly where the hot spot was. The hot spot is the troubled daughter’s bedroom. Monique is truly gifted and it’s a blessing to have her back on the team. Wendy, our researcher discovers that this area was the home of the Garlic King, a man that spent some time in a Japanese Internment Camp. The property is on the historical register. Maria Sanchez tells us that she moved into this trailer 4 years ago. Maria detected that one of her daughters started becoming rebellious and defiant. Her daughter played with a Ouija Board and would turn the cross upside down. Her daughter also bled on the upside down cross. A blood ritual of sorts. The daughter also has attended Black Mass with friends, all indications point towards Satanism. 

Blurry Faced Girl was seen by the daughter, the entity wears a white dress and her face is at all times ‘blurry’. At one time the daughter became possessed and muttered the words: “you will all die here”. Footsteps have been heard throughout this trailer. The Mimic is an entity that mimics the daughter’s voice and has said ‘mama’ and ‘help me’. The Blurry Faced Girl has told the daughter that her mother is buried underneath the trailer. The Man in the Window ghost is basically a man who peers through the kitchen window at the family. The daughter has received scratch marks on her body. I conducted a hedge-of-protection prayer for this family and for a fellow investigator Chantal Apodaca. Tonight Monique is conducting a spiritual cleansing, I am conducting a Catholic house blessing and Amy is conducting a metaphysical cleansing. 

Monique discovers that the troubled daughter is conducting spells. Underneath her bed she has a paper that has a picture of a young girl glued on the paper, there is a cut out picture of a fire demon on this paper and there is a cut out picture of two boxers and one of the boxers is getting severely hit in the face. This means, she seeks a demon to grant her spell. The negative spell is upon a girl she does not like. The spell seeks bodily harm upon the girl. This troubled daughter is practicing black magic. Monique found the spell in between her bed mattress.

Monique with the permission of Maria Sanchez was able to look further and discovered a poster for Alesana. This is where my dowsing rods pointed to as a place to look for something else that has evil origins. The poster is of Alesa. See: – I had Brent research the band. The band has Greek mythology, alchemy and dark overtone origins. On the curse paper that the daughter created, the boxer is getting hit on the left temple. Wendy and Jen both felt like they were getting poked severely on the left temple while in the troubled daughter’s room. 

The troubled daughter showed up and this basically stopped the investigation. Monique started counseling her. Monique Apodaca-Scott is amazing with her ability to ‘spiritually counsel’. Monique also discovered through her psychic abilities a confidential issue. This issue was confirmed by Maria Sanchez and her demons of gilroydaughter. Monique was on top of her game tonight. Bravo!

This collage is a spell/curse. The boxers represent bodily harm. The girl’s picture is the potential victim. The fire demon is the mechanism to empower this spell/curse. This was found in between the bed mattresses by sensitive Monique Apodaca-Scott.

To be honest, I didn’t care if we got the evidence or not, I am more satisfied that we helped these people. This family is a very loving and caring family. The mother and daughter are very precious and sweet. I want to see this young lady have a successful and prosperous life. We all make mistakes in life. This young lady asked for us to help her. She has taken the initiative in seeking help. We will stand by her as long as it takes. Tonight we were on a mission for God, we were God’s soldiers, standing next to his angelic warriors.

SIDENOTE: Brent and Becky investigated Pacheco Pass and found nothing unusual. On the other hand, it felt we went through a time warp away from Pacheco Pass as we passed the same exit twice and we have no clue on how that happened, of course we use GPS, so we did not back track. This is a mystery, all 4 of us were baffled. ONE MORE SIDENOTE: Monique was so touched by this young girl, that she left her the white sage and blessing feathers and taught her how to self-cleanse. What was amazing is the transformation of this young girl. In the beginning she was hostile at our presence and after being counseled by Monique, she became peaceful, loving and she seemed to glow. Godspeed to this young lady! 

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective

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