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Changing the Costa Rica Driving Test

Costa Rica News – The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) is constructing a new building. We can only hope this move help improve the drivers in Costa Rica.

costa rica driving test 1The construction will force a change in driving tests for those who are seeking a license.

The Road Safety Education director is changing the route that the drivers-to-be will use when they finish the part of the test that consists of the cones and go out onto the open road.

The new building will be constructed where the cone test currently takes place. The temporary campus is to be located in Zapote, just half a block east of the roundabout named “la rotonda de las Garantías Sociales.”

The move means drivers will have to use a new route.

The alternate routes have yet to be defined as the inspectors are considering which roads will allow them to best assess the drivers.

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