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Central American Festival of Audio & Acoustics Coming to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Events – Next month the second edition of the Central American Festival of Audio and Acoustics will be held in San Jose.

Central American Festival of Audio and AcousticsThe events will be in various locations throughout the city and include workshops, activities and conferences.

This year will feature a larger agenda and various special guests from other countries. The main conference, Sound Festival, will be at the ULACIT on the 18th and 19th of July.

A workshop about multi-channel audio production will be offered. The registration fee is $500. Other workshops will include bioengineering, neurosciences, and the culture of audio engineering.

To participate in the entire event, there is a fee of $1000 or you can pay for individual activities of interest to you.

Special events that are part of the festival will take place at the Planetarium of UCR and the 1887 Gallery.

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