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Cell Phones Lead to Convictions for Jairo Mora Sandoval Murder Case in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Is this the final justice that we have been waiting so long for? It is a beginning, and we can only hope that Costa Rica starts actually protecting its environment to the level that Jairo Mora wanted.

jairo mora sandoval murder trial 1Cell phone usage can generally be traced to know the location of the person using the phone. This fact was crucial in the trial of four of the seven defendants in the case of Jairo Sandoval Mora´s murder.

The court in Limon was able to use studies of base stations listed on the phone records of four of the people involved in the crime. These reports place them at the Moin beach on May 30th, 2013, the day of the murder.

Witnesses also placed them at the scene and described what happened and what the suspects were wearing. All of the evidence pointed clearly to who was responsible for this horrific crime.

The men were sentenced to 35 years, the maximum for murder. They were also sentenced for rape, sexual abuse and aggravated deprivation of liberty. In total, the convictions were set at 50 years, the maximum allowed by law.

The other three suspects were acquitted for lack of proof. The explanation of reasons for the convictions and acquittals lasted two and a half hours.

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