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Celebs May be Coming to Costa Rica for “Creative Bootcamp” Says Brand Executive Director Devin Gibson

Costa Rica News – It’s hard to imagine the peaceful beaches and grand landscapes of Peninsula Papagayo to be host to a 90 day intensive training resort and yet it’s rumored that the region will be the selected residence for the camp.

Devin Gibson photographed during a residence walkthrough in Costa Rica

Devin Gibson photographed during a residence walkthrough in Costa Rica

Local travel agencies reported high profile inquiries on several spots and have even accommodated walkthroughs of the luxury resorts with Cuba Directorate of Immigration and Plaza Travel, a frequent liaison for Universal Music Group and major US talent agencies.

Brand Executive Devin Gibson representing the committee told The Costa Rican Times “There will be a creative bootcamp held in Costa Rica to prepare newly contracted singers, song writers, actors and entertainers for productive developments in their field.”

Over 60 percent of the largest private residencies and villas have been considered for use and if selected, a chosen resort will receive an estimated 8 million dollars in the booking and service exclusivity arrangement.

Another representative at the walk through expressed excitement for both their hotel and country, “It [Costa Rica]’s been the place where stars level out and focus for a long time. Look at Demi [Lovato], she was just here and it’s amazing. When everything’s settled this will be great for the industry, great for tourism, great for Costa Rica.” Gibson and the group toured the estates yesterday only minutes away from where rumored mentor for the program, Miley Cyrus previously spent vacationing with fiance Liam Hemsworth.

Other celebs who have reportedly been reached for mentorship at the retreat include Britney Spears, Sophia Vergara, Demi Lovato, Matt Damon, and fellow Costa Rica lover Beyoncé.

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