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Celebrating New Years in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Well with Christmas just about over the holiday season continues in Costa Rica.  Next Up a Happy New Years (Feliz Nuevo Ano)! Even if you are reading this in June, reserve your room for New Year’s Eve in Costa Rica! Last year my friend had to rent a hammock from one hotel and a place to hang it at another because there were no hotel rooms or hostels available! That should tell you that Costa Rican’s party hard on this holiday!

The most popular beach spot for locals to party is at Mal Pais. This is a surf spot with tons of electronic parties that last through the night. If you want a quite place to relax with your boyfriend or girlfriend stay away from all tourist areas and opt for a jungle retreat to avoid loud music and fireworks.

In the city it’s common to have a family dinner with extended family, friends, and visitors. Pork is the traditional dish. Afterword it’s typical to go out to a bar or club in downtown San Jose to enjoy some cacique, rum, or local beers. Don’t forget to look in every direction for spontaneous firework displays set off from the streets.

You may find it interesting to know that eating 12 grapes at midnight is believed to bring in a new year full of wishes come true! There are other superstitions related to your clothing. Yellow should bring luck and red underwear should bring new love.

If you are very superstitious you may elect to throw a pot of water over your shoulder to stop any bad luck from following you into the new year. Also wash all your clothing and take a bath. One last tradition to test out is that if you’d like to travel in the coming year walk around your house a few times with a packed bag!

Whether you retreat to the jungle, party at the beach, join a family dinner, or test out the superstitions you are sure to enjoy the end of the year and start off the next one on the right foot and in a beautiful country with great weather and treasured memories.

By Kerry La

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