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Celebrate Japanese Culture Month; Art Exhibit in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Art & Culture – There is a heavenly display of Japanese art, including over 130 pieces, in the Regional Museum of San Ramon. This lively and cultural attraction is brought to us by the University of Costa Rica and the Embassy of Japan.

japaneese art costa ricaThe exhibition’s motive is to help us appreciate beauty in everyday items, like mugs, teapots, sticks, lamps, clothes, and ornaments. The Embassy of Japan is to thank for organizing the traveling exhibit, according to Daniel Soto, the museum’s curator.

There are seven categories of art: ceramics, textiles, lacquer-ware, metal objects, wood (especially bamboo), glassware, and stationery. 92 styles from all over Japan are shown off.

The pieces are recent, most were created between 2004-2005, but they represent Japan throughout the centuries.

The first Mino ceramics date back to the seventh century, for example, but became popular later on, among tea masters in the Momoyama period. They are still appreciated today.

Some of the unique pieces you can see include chopsticks decorated with gold dust, a hand painted kimono, and a wooden box of secrets that requires ten steps to open. The museum is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10-6 and admission is free.

 Check out the museum Facebook page. 

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