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Celebrate Costa Rica’s Diquis Stone Spheres on June 23rd

Costa Rica News – Carved by hand and used by indigenous tribes for various reasons, the Diquis stone spheres will be celebrated this week.

costa-rica-stone-spheres diquis 1June 23rd is a day to commemorate the stone spheres that were made by the indigenous Diquís people of the south. It’s a time to honor their culture and recognize our responsibility to preserve pieces of history.

Two years ago, a group of archaeological sites with these stone sphere sculptures was recognized as a world heritage site.

The Diquís people were much like any other chiefdom, characterized by agriculture, social classes, and territorialism but the stone spheres set them apart. What were they used for and how were they made?

The people sculpted these stones by hand. They were carved with stone tools and other hard materials without the help of animals or the wheel. Several hundred were made greatly varying in size. All were almost perfect and had fine finishes.

They also varied in use and purpose. They were used in landscaping, part of public squares and at the entrances of special homes.

They were also used to mark the passage of time and astronomical events.

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