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Costa Rica’s “Television Swallower” Has Been Caught (Video)

Costa Rica New – I’m sure that you have seen a video or two of the Costa Rican “Television Swallower”, the one who hides TVs under her dress and casually walks out of a store with a screen between her legs. Well, she’s been caught. (If you have not seen the video it is below)

costa rica television swallowerThe woman, Obando, is a 27 year old with four kids and a record.

She was previously released from prison, where she was serving a drug related sentence, on the condition that she would sleep at a semi-institutional center once a month.

She stopped showing up at the institution and then started appearing in these security videos.

The OIJ found her when she got involved in a fight in which various arrests were made to check whether those involved had pending cases. At the time, there was no warrant for her arrest and she was freed.

She managed to escape once while being monitored but at last she was arrested and sent back to prison to serve the three years remaining on the drug charge since she didn’t meet the condition her liberty depended on.

She will go before a judge on the cases of stolen TVs and other items, as well.

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