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Caving in Costa Rica; Exploring La Conga

Costa Rica Travel News – It’s been said that the caves of Costa Rica hide many profound mysteries. La Conga is a dark wide space only accessed by crawling through a narrow passage.

la conga cave costa rica Eyleen VargasHeiner Madrigal was the first to explore this cave that is found in northern Costa Rica.

He is part of one of the two groups of speleologists working in the country. Speleology is the study of underground caves. It mixes disciplines like hydrography, archeology, biology, chemistry and geology.

The goal of these studies is exploring unseen parts of our planet and carrying out topographical or bacteriological experiments, but some believe that in analyzing bacteria in caverns we could come to theories about life on other planets.

Cave study is driven by passion and enhanced by adrenaline, as the risks are real. Snakes, small spaces, sharp drops, slippery slopes, rising waters, walks through the dark.

The list goes on and on. Helmets and safety harnesses are needed as are face masks that protect from harmful chemicals and bacteria.

Photo by Eyleen Vargas, La Nacion

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