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US Ambassador attacked with razor video

US Ambassador Attacked With Razor in South Korea (Video)

US Ambassador Attacked With Razor in South Korea (Video)

Breaking World News – The U.S. Ambassador to South Korea, Mark Lippert, was attacked Thursday morning (local time, late evening ET) in Seoul by an armed assailant, officials said. Tweet

new google campus video main

Google Reveals Plans for Futuristic New Headquarters (Video)

World News – Google has unveiled plans for a vastly expanded headquarters at its Mountain View, California, location, presenting a bucolic vision of movable structures to be built under curving and translucent canopies. Tweet

groom vows to daughter main

Groom’s Vows to Bride’s Daughter Will Make You Cry (Viral Video)

US News – There is a 99% chance that if you watch the video below you are going to cry, and if you don’t you might want to try to melt the ice around your heart. Tweet


Who’s Behind the ‘Nicaragua Grand Canal’ and Why?

World News – Backers of the “Nicaragua Grand Canal” talk about a vibrant commercial waterway that will reshape commercial shipping, reap a windfall for investors and haul one of the hemisphere’s poorest nations out of poverty. Tweet

'Laser Cat' Yearbook Photo main

Viral ‘Laser Cat’ Yearbook Photo Creator Dies at 17

World News- An upstate New York teen who became an Internet sensation last fall after petitioning his school to let him appear in a senior yearbook photo with his cat has died after apparently taking his own life, according to police and the teen’s parents. Tweet

man punches himself in jail 1

Watch Video Jailed Man Punches Himself 45 Times Then Accuses Cops of Assault

World News – if you are going to say that you were beaten by police you might want to make sure the cameras are not rolling when you start punching yourself. Tweet

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