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nepal earthquake video

Watch as Drone Takes Video of Nepal Earthquake Aftermath (Video)

Watch as Drone Takes Video of Nepal Earthquake Aftermath (Video)

World News – The Nepal Earthquake has taken the lives of over 3,700 people. Families, friends, loved ones missing or dead.   Tweet

human versus computer texas hold em

Texas Hold Em’; Computer Versus Human….Who Wins?

World News - Computers may have proven their superiority at chess, but what about poker, where mind games and subtle tells are as much a part of the game as the cards themselves?  Tweet

Auschwitz main

Oskar Groening the “Accountant of Auschwitz” to Go to Trial of 300,000 Counts (Video)

World News –  Dozens of Holocaust survivors and their relatives from around the world are expected to converge on a German courtroom Tuesday as the so-called “accountant of Auschwitz” is due to go on trial. Tweet

ireland wave tourist

Giant Wave Sweeps Woman Off Cliff in Ireland (Video)

World News – A tourist taking photos of crashing waves was swept off a cliff by a giant one in Ireland last week — a dramatic scene captured on video by an American student. Tweet

apple watch review

Got a Breaking News Tip? Send it Via Your Apple Watch (With Video Review)

Breaking News just got a little easier to follow.  There are soon going to be a lot of ways to get news on the Apple Watch, but Breaking News is delivering what may be the first app to actually help break news, too. Tweet


Teen Surfing Champion Elio Canestri Killed in Shark Attack (Video)

World News – A 13-year-old surfing champion died in a shark attack off the coast of the Indian ocean island of Reunion, officials said Monday. Tweet

hillary clinton president main

Can Hillary Clinton Win the Next Presidential Election?

World News – Eight years ago, Hillary Clinton entered the White House race as the favorite to win the Democratic nomination and seemed the most likely person from either party to be elected president. Tweet

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