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World News articles

uber costa rica main

Uber Passenger Arrested After Stealing & Crashing Vehicle

Uber Passenger Arrested After Stealing & Crashing Vehicle

US News – I wonder when we can expect one of these instances in Costa Rica, and the red taxis say…..look at what happens with Uber. Tweet

Wasil Ahmad killed

12-Year-Old ‘Hero’ Gunned Down by Afghan Taliban

World News – A 12-year-old boy hailed as a hero for defending his village from the Taliban was shot dead in what appeared to be a targeted assassination by the group, Afghan officials said Wednesday. Tweet

presidential election main

What the World Thinks About the Ridiculous US Elections (Video)

World News – I could state my opinion about this clown show that is the US presidential election, but I will just keep it to myself as the show will go on and nothing I say will change or stop the show. Tweet

genetics main

Gene Editing Experiment on Human Embryos

World News (AP) – Britain’s fertility regulator has approved a scientist’s request to edit the human genetic code in an effort to fight inherited diseases — but critics fear the new technique crosses too many ethical boundaries. Tweet

Bikram Choudhury

Hot Yoga Founder Bikram Choudhury Must Pay for Sexual Harassment

World News – The founder of a popular hot yoga method on Monday was ordered to pay more than $900,000 to a lawyer who said she was fired for investigating allegations of sexual harassment against the guru. Tweet

Nadi Smart Fitness Pants main

‘Smart’ Yoga Pants Vibrate When You Find the Perfect Pose

World News – Want to practice yoga but don’t know a Camel from a Downward-Facing Dog? A new pair of “smart” yoga pants that tell you whether you’re holding a Yoga pose correctly may be just the ticket. Tweet

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