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poor criminals cannot be held in jail

If You Are Poor, You Can’t Be Held in Jail

If You Are Poor, You Can’t Be Held in Jail

USA News – Holding defendants in jail because they can’t afford to make bail is unconstitutional, the Justice Department said in a court filing late Thursday — the first time the government has taken such a position before a federal appeals court. Tweet

clinton foundation

Clinton Foundation Fraud Uncovered – Breaking News

World News – For all those that think there is no corruption in government you need to look no further than the Clinton’s.  Be you in Costa Rica or anywhere governments are corrupt. I know that most will say that this report came from Fox News so it cannot be trusted, but facts are facts.

wikileaks DNC theory

WikiLeaks Fuels Conspiracy Theories

World News – WikiLeaks, the controversial transparency organization that publishes classified government documents and other confidential materials, is fueling Internet conspiracy theories by offering a $20,000 reward for information on a Democratic National Committee staffer who was killed last month. Tweet

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