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twitter account suspended ISIS

Big Brother is Watching; Twitter Suspends Dozens of Pro-ISIS Accounts

Big Brother is Watching; Twitter Suspends Dozens of Pro-ISIS Accounts

World News – Dozens of pro-ISIS Twitter accounts appear to have been suspended in the social networking site’s latest purge of online extremists. Tweet

john cantlie video isis main

Watch New Video Released by ISIS of British Hostage John Cantlie (Video)

World News – The terror group ISIS released a new propaganda video Monday featuring British hostage John Cantlie, a photographer who worked for the Sunday Times newspaper before he was abducted in 2012. Tweet

ios-8 apple glitches problems main

Apple Yanks iOS 8.0.1 Because of Glitches

World Technology News – Apple confirmed Wednesday it pulled its iOS 8.0.1 update amid widespread reports of major issues with the software, including users unable to access cell service or the TouchID fingerprint sensor. Tweet

bitcoins mining

FTC Shuts Down Bitcoin-Miner Company Butterfly Labs

World News – A federal court has shut down a company that allegedly charged customers for machines that would “mine” the virtual currency bitcoin, and either delivered the devices late or not at all. The order against Butterfly Labs came Tuesday at the request of the Federal Trade Commission. Tweet

three boob florida girl main

Jasmine Tridevil Gets Third Boob To Look Less Attractive to Men

World News – What? What is exactly what we said when we heard about this. A Florida woman spent $20,000 to get a third boob surgically implanted on her chest in a twisted attempt to look less attractive to men. Tweet

alan-henning-isis main

Alan Henning’s Wife Pleads With ISIS to Release Husband

World News – The wife of a British aid worker held hostage and threatened with execution by the Islamist terror group ISIS issued a plea to his captors Saturday, saying he is a “peaceful, selfless man” who was only trying to help Syrians in need when he was captured. Tweet

space taxi spaceX NASA main

Boeing and SpaceX To Create Space Taxis?

World News – NASA is going back to the future with $6.8 billion in backing for Apollo-style spaceships designed by Boeing and SpaceX. Both companies have been given the go-ahead to build, test and fly their gumdrop-shaped “space taxis,” with the aim of transporting astronauts to and from the International Space Station starting in 2017.

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