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Chocolate Bar The Book fundraiser

One Boy’s Goal to Raise $1 Million to Save Best Friend (Video)

One Boy’s Goal to Raise $1 Million to Save Best Friend (Video)

World News – Lora Pournazarian rarely sleeps through the night. A bundle of nerves, Lora is up every few hours — eyes fixed on the alarm clock, thoughts focused on her 8-year-old son, Jonah. Ten times a day, Lora and her husband, Rabin, feed Jonah a mix of corn starch and water through a tube.

Land of Illusion Haunted Scream Park

Fatal Heart Attack at Haunted House; Was Teen Scared to Death?

World News – A 16-year-old girl with a pre-existing medical condition had a heart attack and died at a “haunted house” theme park in Ohio over the weekend, authorities said. Tweet

hurricane gonzalo 2014 bermuda

Watch Hurricane Gonzalo Live on the Port Bermuda Webcam (Video)

World News – Our prayers go out to those on Bermuda right now as the Category 3 Hurricane Gonzalo slams into the island. An extremely dangerous storm surge is expected to hit the island. This is very dangerous since the island has no barrier reef to protect it from this storm surge.  Tweet

iPad Air 2 release information

iPad Air 2 & iPad Mini 3 Introduced by Apple (Video)

Technology News – All of those looking to get the newest Apple products time for them to open their pocketbooks again. Apple launched two new tablets on Thursday: the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. Tweet

Earns Netflix

Nextflix Subscriber Growth Slows, Sends Stock Plunging

World News - Netflix signed up fewer video streaming subscribers than forecast for the quarter that ended in September as its U.S. growth slowed markedly, sending its shares plunging as much as 27 percent in after-hours trading on Wednesday. Tweet

ebola virus

Ebola Infected Dallas Patient Flew the Day Before Her Symptoms Started

World News – For all of those that think this Ebola virus is being contained. You might want to think again.  Being that symptoms for this virus can remain unseen even after you have been infected makes it impossible for CDC to contain. Tweet

YouTube-logo copyright 1

Since 2007 YouTube Paid $1 Billion to Copyright Holders

World News - YouTube has paid out a cool $1 billion to copyright holders since 2007, the company confirmed to NBC News. It’s all part of YouTube’s Content ID program, which, according to a Google spokesperson, scans 400 years’ worth of content every single day for potential copyright issues. Tweet

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