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An Open Letter to Donald Trump on Charlottesville

An Open Letter to Donald Trump on Charlottesville

I normally stay out of politics. As I see a system that is more focused on rewarding people—businesses and organizations that have the money to pay for funding campaigns, just so many of government officials can stay in office for many years. I could go into the flaws of the electoral college system and the

Humans on Mars Within Next 20 Years?

World News – Humankind is eager to step out into the cosmos and wander across the deserted plains of the Red Planet. According to most reports, Elon Musk is leading the way with SpaceX; however, a number of other organizations — NASA, China’s Space Agency, The Mars Society — are training, deploying prototypes, and working on

Do You Really Know Who Your Ancestors Are?

We all know who we are and where we come from. We’ve been told by our parents and grandparents about our ancestry, especially if we’re related to someone famous or significant in history. Tweet

Where To Have the Best Views of the Great American Solar Eclipse

World News -According to some, finding a place to stay in cities with the best view of next month’s solar eclipse has cast a huge shadow on travel plans. They make it sound like finding a hotel room in such a city is tougher than getting tickets to a sold-out rock concert or Broadway show.

These Five Robots Do Some Very Dirty Jobs

Robots can do all sorts of things, from performing delicate surgery to collecting mineral samples on Mars. Now a new generation of robots is lending a hand at protecting our environment by taking on tasks that are too difficult or too dangerous for humans. Tweet

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