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google street view 360

Google App to Create 360 Degree Street View

Google App to Create 360 Degree Street View

Technology News – Google is releasing a new Street View app — a tool people can use to create their own 360-degree panoramas. Tweet


Looking Back at the 20 Years of Ebay (Video)

Technology News – In honor of eBay’s 20th anniversary Thursday, note that one of the most valuable brands on the Internet started with the sale of one of the least valuable items imaginable: a broken laser pointer. Tweet

clipper around the world yacht race

40,000 Mile Yacht Race Puts ‘Human Will Against Nature’ (Video)

World News – They are ordinary people making an extraordinary journey. A 68-year-old band teacher from Texas, a retired fire captain from California and a just-engaged construction contractor are among hundreds of competitors setting off Monday on the grueling Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. Tweet

surf board attack shark attack

Shark Takes Bite Out of California Surfer’s Board (Video)

World News – A surfer in California narrowly escaped a shark attack unscathed, but the same can’t be said for her surfboard. Tweet

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