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Russia Will Test Massive Nuclear Missile Called ‘Satan’!

Russia’s New Nuclear Missile the ‘Satan 2’

Russia’s New Nuclear Missile the ‘Satan 2’

World News – This ought to be an interesting topic for the US election voters, but with two idiot candidates it is a lose/lose scenario for the USA. It might mean more people coming to live in Costa Rica. Tweet

Is Wikileaks’ Julian Assange Dead?

World News – Well this would be of no surprise considering the large number of people that have had dirt on Hillary have also ended up this way, but would the public finally believe that this is not a conspiracy theory if this is true? Is Julian Assange dead or most likely murdered? Maybe he


White House to Review Yahoo’s Email Spying?

Technology News – A bipartisan group of 48 lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday asked the Obama administration to brief Congress “as soon as possible” about a 2015 Yahoo program to scan all of its users’ incoming email at the behest of the government. Tweet


Legal Heroin? What is the Drug “Pink” & Why is It Allowed in Many US States?

US News – Two 13-year-old boys in the ski town of Park City, Utah died within 48 hours of each other in September, likely overdosing on a powerful heroin substitute that had been delivered — legally — to their homes by the U.S. mail, and is now turning up in cities across the nation. Tweet


Note 7 Causes Samsung to Lose $2.3 Billion in Profits

Technology News – Samsung slashed its quarterly profit estimate by a third on Wednesday, soaking up a $2.3 billion hit from ditching its flagship smartphone in what could be one of the costliest product safety failures in tech history. Tweet

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