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Police Searches Drop Dramatically in States that Legalized Marijuana

Police Searches Drop Dramatically in States that Legalized Marijuana

World News – Traffic searches by highway patrols in Colorado and Washington dropped by nearly half after the two states legalized marijuana in 2012. That also reduced the racial disparities in the stops, according to a new analysis of police data, but not by much. Blacks and Hispanics are still searched at higher rates than whites.

Baby Dropped From 10th Floor & Caught as High-Rise Burns

World News – A baby thrown from the window of a blazing high-rise apartment building in London early Wednesday fell at least nine floors before being caught by a bystander, according to a witness. Tweet

Kansas Inmate Freed After Doppelganger Found 17 Years Later

World News – Richard Jones spent 17 years in prison for a crime he has always insisted he didn’t commit. Then attorneys discovered he had a doppelganger: a man who looked nearly identical to him and had a similar name. Tweet

Over 1,000 Retail Stores Close in a Single Week

World News – It’s been a tough week for the retail industry, with more than 1,000 stores closing their doors for good. Luxury retailer Michael Kors announced it would be closing over 100 locations, and electronics giant Radio Shack closed 1,000 locations across America. Tweet

Great White Shark Leaps Into Australia Fisherman’s Boat

World News – A great white shark jumped inside a 73-year-old fisherman’s boat — and he lived to tell the tale with little more than a skinned arm. Tweet

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