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Our Tax Dollars at Work; Lawsuit Against Obama Authorized

Our Tax Dollars at Work; Lawsuit Against Obama Authorized

World News – Please remind me why tax payers have to pay for this BS? What is going to come out of this other than a huge waste of tax payer money? Not a damn thing.  There is nothing but hate between Democrats and Republicans and it has come to a point where neither side is


MH17 Victims’ Family: Airline Lacking Compassion

World News – The family of two brothers killed in the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 called the carrier rigid and bureaucratic Saturday, saying it has offered them no professional grief counselling in more than a week and refused to organize a flight home to Houston for the boys’ grandmother. Tweet

A man looks at the wreckage of a TransAsia Airways turboprop plane that crashed on Penghu island

Has This Been the Deadliest Week for Airline Accidents?

World News - A spate of airline accidents over the past week ranks this among the deadliest for the commercial aviation industry since the 9/11 attacks. Since July 17, a staggering 346 people were killed in two separate incidents, with potentially another 116 presumed dead after a plane vanished from radar over West Africa on Thursday.


Fake Obamacare Applications Fly Through the System

World News - Eleven out of 12 fake applications for government-subsidized health insurance got through a verification process and the bogus beneficiaries are still covered, the Government Accountability Office said Tuesday. Tweet

Amanda Longacre miss delaware

Miss Delaware “Too Old” Decides to Sue

World News - A beauty pageant winner who was stripped of her Miss Delaware crown for being a few months too old is suing the Miss America organization, saying officials knew her age and disqualified her unfairly, court documents filed on Wednesday show. Tweet

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