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reddit missing mom main

Missing Mom Found With Help of Reddit

Missing Mom Found With Help of Reddit

World News - A woman with Alzheimer’s who went missing this week in New York City was located and reconnected to her family by the work of Reddit users. Tweet

Kolkata sex trade india main

Rescuing Prostitutes & Giving their Lives Meaning

World News - A New Zealand pastor and his wife have made it their mission to take on India’s billion-dollar sex industry by rescuing young prostitutes from one of the largest “red light” districts on Earth. Tweet

Heather Abbott boston marathon

Boston Marathon Attack Survivor Finishes Race With Her Rescuer

World News - Heather Abbott crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon today with Erin Chatham, the woman who helped get her to safety after two bombs tore through the festivities last year. Tweet

rubin carter dies the hurricane main

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter Dies at Age 76

World News (AP) - Rubin “Hurricane” Carter never surrendered hope of regaining his freedom, not even after he was convicted of a triple murder, then convicted again and abandoned by many prominent supporters. Tweet

Malaysia-Airlines-Flight-370 main

US Lawyers Aim to Profit in Malaysia Airlines Tragedy

World News - In the midst of their anguish and grief, some families of the passengers aboard missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 say they are being besieged by high stakes versions of ambulance chasers — American lawyers looking for clients. Tweet

south korea ferry sinking main

Ferry Sinking Off South Korea With 100′s on Board

World News - A rescue mission was underway after a South Korean passenger ship carrying about 470 people sent a distress call off the southern coast, and local media reports said the ferry was listing badly and on the verge of sinking. Tweet

mystery raft florida

Coast Guard Launches Rescue After Mysterious Raft Washes Ashore

World News - The U.S. Coast Guard launched a search and rescue mission today near Floridana Beach, Fla., after a mysterious raft washed ashore this morning full of personal items. Tweet

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