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Travel/Leisure articles

caribe shuttle costa rica main

Costa Rica Transportation; Caribe Shuttle Getting You to Your Final Destination

Costa Rica Transportation; Caribe Shuttle Getting You to Your Final Destination

Costa Rica Travel News – Transportation is one of the things most visitors dread simply because it can be scary to figure out where buses are and what their schedules are, particularly without speaking Spanish. Even locals have trouble with buses because Costa Rica doesn’t have normal addresses or directions. This is why I recommend

castle tam san jose costa rica hostel

Castle Tam Hostel, Costa Rica Inexpensive Comfort Near San Jose

Costa Rica Travel News – It’s very common to spend some time in the Central Valley on a trip to Costa Rica. Maybe you are planning to visit the museums, bars and parks all week, or maybe it is just a one night stop between the airport and the beach. Many people want an inexpensive option,

summerland properties vaction rentals costa rica

Summerland Properties; Long Term Vacation Rental Apartments in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel News – What could be more ideal than having all you need in a large studio apartment that’s in the cool mountain climate but near the city and the beach? Summerland apartments fit that description, one that is hard to find elsewhere. Tweet

learning afar photos main

Memoirs From a Young Travelers First Time Abroad in Costa Rica (Video)

Costa Rica Travel News – I always assumed that the prospect of embarking on an international trip for the first time with only acquaintances and teachers would be frightening. But when the opportunity to participate in the Learning AFAR program came to fruition, I found myself nothing short of ecstatic. I’ve always been an inquisitive

monteverde costa rica

Top 5 Costa Rica Travel Destinations

Costa Rica Travel News – Costa Rica is a country of amazing diversity. It boasts mile high volcanoes to sandy beaches and everything in between. When coming for a Central American vacation, you could very easily post up in one of Manuel Antonio beach rentals, or one of the many other beautiful little beach towns,

AMERICAN AIRLINES costa rica first class

Fly to Costa Rica at Discounted Rates For Business Class & First Class Tickets

Costa Rica Travel News – Costa Rica, a country in Central America is developing as a leading travel destination. Grab the opportunity of flying to Costa Rica with the best airlines offering great deals and discounts on first class and business class tickets. Tweet

del rey hotel costa rica

Best Hotels to Pick Up Prostitutes in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel News – When many guys come to Costa Rica on a bachelor party in Costa Rica they want to go to the places where they can find some nighttime company.  With prostitution being legal in Costa Rica, several hotels serve as a place for these women to congregate and meet clients.  There are

safari surf school 1

Learning to Surf the Waves of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel News - Surfing is filled with “aha” moments: that flash when you finally “get it” and stand up on the board; that instant when you identify a rideable wave; that point when you ask yourself, ‘Why did I wait so long to do this?’ ” Tweet

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