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Travel/Leisure articles

Yachting for Newlyweds off the Coast of Malta

Yachting for Newlyweds off the Coast of Malta

Travel & Leisure – When a man tamed the sea, when a man tamed the sun, the emerald waves favored the captain, the wind drove the white sails ahead and a small boat with a crew and two in love rushed to meet the unknown, and a voice, a quiet but precise voice, whispered in the

Jabiru Villas; Accommodations for Your Costa Rica Visa Run

Costa Rica Travel – Like many of you, I have to renew my visa every few months. Now that we have the added option of the Las Tablillas border, many of us want to know what hotel options are available in the area. I recently stayed at Jabiru Villas. The border is much nicer and faster

What to Do on a Costa Rica Vacation

In recent years, Costa Rica has become well know as a popular destination for summer holidays. With its warm weather and sparkling beaches, Costa Rica has a lot to offer visitors. Travellers will be pleased to discover that the “Rich Coast” offers even more activities. Tweet

3 Ways to Keep Sand Off Your Stuff at Costa Rica Beaches

Costa Rica News -Is there anything better than spending a lazy summer day at the beach? Not only is it nice to get away from the daily grind and relax, but science shows that the beach actually has a powerful effect on our brains, improving our physical and mental health. Tweet

Take a Walk on Costa Rica’s Bird Watching Trail

Costa Rica Travel – There’s an initiative to link the countries from Guatemala to Costa Rica to Panama so that local communities, guides and birdwatchers benefit. Tweet

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