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4 Affordable, Off the Beaten Path Hotels in Costa Rica

4 Affordable, Off the Beaten Path Hotels in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home for its famous lush rainforests, top-notch resorts and the very friendly locals. Costa Rican accommodation is of great value and offer great budget travel options. Below are five affordable yet luxurious hotels. Tweet

el avion costa rica restaurant main

The Story Behind Costa Rica’s Restaurant Plane

Costa Rica Travel News - One of the major tourist attractions on the Pacific Side of Costa Rica is Manuel Antonio National Park, where the ocean meets the rainforest outside the town of Quepos. Tweet

manuel-antonio-national-park costa rica main

America’s Bali: Exploring Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio & Quepos

Costa Rica ravel News - “HEY, you’re from Australia?” Our guide, Michael, picks up on my decidedly un-American accent immediately. “Where’s my koala? We could have done a trade.” Tweet

santa rosa national park costa rica main

Santa Rosa Creating A Universal Access Trail

Costa Rica Travel News - One of Costa Rica’s most important and most visited national parks will soon become accessible to those with disabilities. Restorations are being made and universal trails are being installed in Santa Rosa National Park to allow 1820 feet of accessible trails. Tweet


Historic Architecture of San Jose Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel News - During my most recent trip to Costa Rica, I was lucky enough to have a couple days to myself in the capital city of San Jose. As a result, I had time to wander the streets downtown. Many travelers skip past San Jose and head straight for the nation’s lush interior

san carlos nicargua

Stress Free Costa Rica to Nicaragua Visa Runs; Agua Trails

Costa Rica Travel News - Is it time for another “visa run?” We all dread those, but don’t despair now there’s an option that can save the day and let you handle that Visa run stress free. Agua Trails offers border crossing tours. These are a great way to get to and from Nicaragua in just

revive healing arts costa rica monteverde main

Restore Your Body; Revive Healing Arts in Monteverde

Costa Rica Travel News - Revive Healing Arts is an amazing part of Monteverde. In fact, it’s worth going all the way to Monteverde just to visit Karen and take advantage of one of the many things she offers, from bodywork to personal retreats. Tweet

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