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The Bandidos biker gang

An Inside look at “The Bandidos” Biker Gang (Video)

World News – The brawl and shootout at a Waco sports bar that left members of the Bandidos dead is the latest bloody chapter for a group with a history steeped in violence. Tweet

cop with cell phone main

Costa Rica Traffic Cops; Do As I Say, Not As I Do!

Costa Rica News (Opinion Piece) – (QCostaRica) – We’ve all seen them, in Costa Rica and am sure in other cities of the world, cops breaking the law. Lets focus a minute on the elite group of Costa Rican cops known as “Transitos” – traffic police officials. Tweet

windows 10 microsoft

Microsoft Windows 10 Will Not Be Available to Pirated Copies

World News – Microsoft made waves in January when it announced that Windows 10, the next version of its desktop operating system, would be released as a free upgrade to anyone running Windows 7 or 8. But anyone with “non-genuine” installations of Windows, which is a nice way of saying pirated copies, will not receive

starbucks coffee hacking

Hackers Take Aim at Starbucks Gift Card Holders

World News – Credit card hackers looking for new ways to drain money from consumers’ bank accounts and evade increased bank security measures have discovered a clever side door—the Starbucks mobile payment app and gift cards. Criminals are hijacking consumers’ coffee accounts, draining the stored value of their cards, and then using Starbucks’ auto-reload function

Priscilla Monge costa rica artist 1

Meet Priscilla Monge; Costa Rican Artist

Costa Rica Entertainment – Priscilla Monge is a Costa Rican artist who appeared at the Venice Biennale this year to grace an audience with the mystical sounds of a language spoken in Costa Rica, the indigenous Maleku. Tweet

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