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“Intimate Gazes” Hits The Theater Stage in Costa Rica

“Intimate Gazes” Hits The Theater Stage in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – “Miradas Intimas,” or “Intimate Gazes” is a new theatrical work that delves into the love lives of people with disabilities, a topic we don’t often see. Tweet

Cannes Film Festival Will Feature Costa Rican Movie

Costa Rica Entertainment – A short film by Costa Rican Valentina Maurel will be featured at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Specifically, the “Cinefondation” section will host it. Tweet

Bail Out or Stay, What To Do In Regards to Foreign Investments?

World News – Despite economic and geopolitical upheaval from Brexit to the Syrian civil war to provocations by North Korea, investing experts say it would be a mistake to bail out of international and emerging markets. In fact, some say these assets are actually a better value right now than the high-flying American stock market. Tweet

Ocean Discovery XPRIZE Aims to Reveal the Ocean’s Secrets

World News – The ocean covers an astonishing two-thirds of our planet. Yet except for a few strange features — including the Romanche Fracture Zone, a valley along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge that’s four times bigger than the Grand Canyon; a 4,000-meter cliff near the Bahamas; and a mid-Atlantic mountain chain that spans 40,000 miles and connects

New House, Old Insurance: Should You Update Your Policy?

Something that many homeowners often overlook is the importance of updating home insurance policies. Thought of as a standard thing that doesn’t change, (at least compared to the dozens of other home care tasks) insurance policies are ignored until something significant happens. For example, making a claim about fire damage only to learn that your

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