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Why Scientists Are So Excited About This Solar Eclipse

Why Scientists Are So Excited About This Solar Eclipse

World News – Darkness settles in. The soft colors of morning quickly dampen and shadows sharpen. As you look up, the sun transforms into a black hole, winter constellations appear, and the seldom-seen corona — that ghostly halo of light that wraps around the sun’s surface — becomes visible. The temperature plummets causing birds to grow

U.S. Restricts Laptops, iPads in Carry-On Bags From 10 Airports

World News – The United States is giving nine airlines until Saturday morning to make sure that passengers on flights from 10 overseas airports aren’t carrying any electronic devices larger than smartphones with them. Tweet

Tom Brady’s Stolen Super Bowl Jersey Found By FBI

Sports News – Some scoffed at Sunday’s statement from the Patriots regarding their optimism that quarterback Tom Brady’s Super Bowl LI jersey would soon be found. Tweet

Man Charged With Cyberstalking After Sending Tweet to Epileptic Reporter

World News – A Maryland man has been arrested on a federal cyberstalking charge of sending a Dallas-based magazine reporter an image on Twitter intended to trigger an epileptic seizure. Tweet

2017 Guide to Filling Out the NCAA March Madness Bracket

Sports News – So are you entering a March Madness bracket contest, do you know how to pick the teams and who you have in the Final Four?  Tweet

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