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Costa Rica Museum Displays Ancient Artificial Skull Deformation of Early Inhabitants

Costa Rica Museum Displays Ancient Artificial Skull Deformation of Early Inhabitants

Costa Rica Entertainment – The exhibition will remain on show until September at the Jade Museum in San Jose. Tweet

Ringling Brothers’s & Barnum & Bailey Circus Says Goodbye

World News – Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus folded up its Big Top for the last time on Sunday night in New York, as emotional performers, wistful crowd-goers and ecstatic protesters said farewell to an institution in American live entertainment after nearly a century and a half. Tweet

Will Donald Trump be Impeached & How Does Impeachment Work?

World News – Revelations that President Donald Trump gave Russian officials highly classified intelligence during a recent Oval Office visit have pushed Washington into a frenzy, and some have been uttering a term that is never pleasant for a president to hear: impeachment. Tweet

IT Expert ‘Saved the U.S.’ From Cyberattack From Bedroom

Hack the Planet – As a vast “ransomware” attack raced from computer to computer, infecting tens of thousands around the world, a young tech expert worked from his bedroom in England to bring the rampage to a halt. Tweet

7-Step Guide to Navigating Social Anxiety

Lifestyle – Several weeks ago, you reluctantly penciled a networking event into your calendar. Now you’re here holding a glass of Chardonnay while coworkers and potential business connections make pleasant small talk. From an outsider’s perspective, it seems as if you’re having fun and listening attentively, laughing on cue with the others when someone says something

Global Cyberattack Hits 150 Countries – WannaCry Malware

World News – The worldwide ransomware attack hit 200,000 victims in at least 150 countries, the head of Europe’s cross-border police agency said Sunday as the full extent of the cyber-extortion became clear. Tweet

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