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U.S. Declaration of Independence Discovered in Britain

U.S. Declaration of Independence Discovered in Britain

World News – Two Harvard researchers have uncovered a more than 200-year-old parchment copy of the Declaration of Independence — sitting in a record office in Britain. Tweet

Bail Out or Stay, What To Do In Regards to Foreign Investments?

World News – Despite economic and geopolitical upheaval from Brexit to the Syrian civil war to provocations by North Korea, investing experts say it would be a mistake to bail out of international and emerging markets. In fact, some say these assets are actually a better value right now than the high-flying American stock market. Tweet

Ocean Discovery XPRIZE Aims to Reveal the Ocean’s Secrets

World News – The ocean covers an astonishing two-thirds of our planet. Yet except for a few strange features — including the Romanche Fracture Zone, a valley along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge that’s four times bigger than the Grand Canyon; a 4,000-meter cliff near the Bahamas; and a mid-Atlantic mountain chain that spans 40,000 miles and connects

New House, Old Insurance: Should You Update Your Policy?

Something that many homeowners often overlook is the importance of updating home insurance policies. Thought of as a standard thing that doesn’t change, (at least compared to the dozens of other home care tasks) insurance policies are ignored until something significant happens. For example, making a claim about fire damage only to learn that your

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