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Teaching English in Costa Rica articles

Increased Opportunities for ESL Teachers in Costa Rica; Global TESOL College and Amistad Institute Team Up

Increased Opportunities for ESL Teachers in Costa Rica; Global TESOL College and Amistad Institute Team Up

Teaching English in Costa Rica News – Teaching English as a second language (ESL) abroad is no longer a linear endeavor for travel or a gap year; it is now a legitimate career option. Click to Get Your Free Guide to Shipping & Costa Rica Relocation Tweet

Why People Choose to Teach English in Costa Rica

Teaching English in Costa Rica – December is the month when people generally start thinking about moving abroad. In Canada and the northern United States, winter has started moving in and those chilly winds and snow squalls inspire visions of sandy beaches and fruit-filled cocktails. With thoughts of how to live abroad running rampant, teaching English

ESL Teaching CR; Your Student’s Objectives

Teaching English in Costa Rica – Learning a new language is such a complicated process that it is often difficult to decide where to begin. From a teaching perspective this is even harder. Tweet

ESL Teachers in CR Learning Another Language

Teaching English in Costa Rica – A common question that is asked by aspiring ESL teachers in Latin America is if not knowing the Spanish language will hinder their abilities in the classroom. The answer to that question is both yes and no. Tweet

ESL Teaching CR; Checking Comprehension

Teaching English in Costa Rica – One of the hardest aspects of teaching English as a Second Language is the strategy. When a person trains to be a teacher of non language disciplines, everything from the lesson plan to the presentation to the structure of evaluations is completely different. While subject comprehension is an issue across

Costa Rica Teaching; Private Classes & Students

Teaching in Costa Rica – Calculating your monthly budget can be a frustrating exercise for ESL teachers. When comparing your fixed expenses to the salary you earn, often times a glass of wine or two is needed to cope with the final numbers. We’ve discussed in this space previously that many teachers increase income by working

CR Teaching; Your Students Might Hate You

Teaching in Costa Rica – Lesson planning. What to wear. Which bus to take. What’s my warm-up activity? There are so many things to take into consideration as an ESL teacher for any given session. From when to leave home to arriving back there safely again after class, the mental multi-tasking can be draining. While these

December is Pivotal for CR ESL Teachers

Costa Rica Teaching News – “Winter’s coming.” Any fan of the series Game of Thrones will know these famous words of Eddard Stark. While often a tumultuous season for those in the fantasy and real world, winter doesn’t have to be. A move to Costa Rica can ease the pain of winter. The trick is to

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