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Health articles

The Wait for Surgeries in Costa Rica

The Wait for Surgeries in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Healthcare – I’ve had my knee surgery years ago in a private hospital but I remain on the waiting list from way back when with the CAJA. The CCSS told me I had to wait around 7 years because of lack of equipment needed for the surgeries. Tweet

Penn State Student Takes New Look at Health in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Health – In the United States, we look at health care as a transaction with a high price and for a profit. We visit the doctor for a cure, and we buy insurance to avoid going bankrupt after a trip to the ER. Tweet

Baby Powder Causes Cancer? $70 Million Baby Powder Lawsuit Win

World News – A woman who just won more than $70 million from Johnson & Johnson after alleging the company’s baby powder caused her ovarian cancer told NBC News she cried “happy tears” when the jury’s decision was announced. Tweet

Virtual Reality Gives Movement, Feeling to Paralyzed Patients

Health News – In a first-of-its-kind study, neuroscientists from Duke University report today that eight long-term paraplegics have regained feeling and some movement in their legs after training with a brain-controlled robotic device. Tweet

Costa Rica Vacation? Answering Your Questions About The Zika Virus

Health News  – I know there are a lot of expats living in Costa Rica as well as people thinking of travelling to the country that want to know more about the Zika Virus. Tweet

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