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Jaco Beach and its ‘Refugees’

Jaco Beach and its ‘Refugees’

With its sun, sea and sand, Costa Rica has more than earned its longstanding international reputation as the ’Switzerland of Central America’, particularly Playa Jaco (Jaco Beach). This 2.5km strip of golden sands on the way to San Jose has long been a paradise for surfers, tourists, business travelers and those seeking a more relaxed and

Costa Rica’s Ministry of Finance Investigation Companies Mentioned in the Panama Papers

Costa Rica News – I find humor in the fact that the government which had multiple members mentioned in the Panama Paper is investigating companies that were implicated?  Tweet

Costa Rica Strengthens Defense of Human Rights

Costa Rica News – Tens of thousands of mainly Cubans, Haitians and Africans seeking to reach the United States contributed to Costa Rica’s “unprecedented” migratory flow into the country this year. Tweet

Costa Rica’s First Lady Trying to Become a Costa Rican National

Costa Rica News – Living in the country for the past 27 years, Costa Rica’s First Lady, Mercedes Peñas, has finally decided to apply for Costa Rican nationality. Tweet

San Jose, Costa Rica Makes Top 20 Emerging Cities

Costa Rica News – San Jose made the list of the top 20 most important emerging cities of the whole world. Tweet

Woman Says She Is Not Coming Back From Costa Rica, Even Though Her Family Wants Her To

Costa Rica News – Sometimes the Pura Vida lifestyle makes it so you do not want to come home. Tweet

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