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Costa Rica’s Keylor Navas; “Man of Faith”

Costa Rica’s Keylor Navas; “Man of Faith”

Costa Rica News – Renowned national goalkeeper Keylor Navas dreamed and played as a little boy of being a soccer star. It has now materialized. Tweet

Costa Rican Selected for Clinical Oncology & Cancer Research Program

Costa Rica News – A Tica, Cecilia Monge, was chosen from among 3,000 aspirants for a study program in clinical oncology and cancer research. Tweet

New Convention Center in Costa Rica Attracts Hotel Investment

Costa Rica News -Companies are investing in projects, remodeling, training and transportation networks around Costa Rica’s new convention center. Tweet

Sexual Abuse Towards Minors is Rampant in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – On average, every day in 2016, five children in the country; authorities received more than 2,000 calls of alert. And these are just th reported cases, most likely there were many more unreported. Tweet

Another Costa Rica Real Estate Scam

Costa Rica News –  If you are planning on getting a job in Costa Rica, or find real estate in Costa Rica, or looking for a girl in Costa Rica you need to be very careful. Tweet

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