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Don’t Just Do Something; Stand There

Don’t Just Do Something; Stand There

Nature envelops one on a rainy day in spring more than on a sunny one. Even in a narrow strip of municipal parkland, the earth returns and belongs to its creatures on days like this, rather than to man. Tweet

Why Merging With AI Is Stupid

We are being told by futurist Ray Kurzweil and his ilk that “merging with future superintelligent A.I.s is our best strategy for ensuring a beneficial outcome” for humanity. That’s not only mistaken; it’s malevolent. Tweet

No Duality In Actuality

Woodland hawks screech from all directions in the parkland, and birds sing raucously. Friendliness and joy are reflected on the faces of the many people using the park for every conceivable activity—walking, running, horseback riding, biking and rollerblading. Tweet

Cognitive Science, the Phrenology of Our Time

“Ignorance is our natural state; it is a product of the way the mind works.” Statements like that, proffered by cognitive scientists Philip Fernbach and Steven Sloman in the New York Times, demonstrate that cognitive science has become the phrenology of our day. Tweet

A Case For Urgency

A reader in the Middle East wrote giving voice to a central concern of this column. “There is indeed an evolutionary process taking place with consciousness, but that process takes millions of years and our little bit of consciousness just can’t comprehend the enormity of it.” Tweet

Siddhartha and Jesus

Though I’m not a Buddhist, Buddhist philosophy and poetry (as opposed to the arcane intricacies of various Buddhist traditions) speak to me. The quieting and emptying of the mind and opening of the heart have become a universal imperative, whether we call it contemplation, prayer or meditation. Tweet

We’re Fighting Over Narratives, Not Facts

An academic philosopher raises an academic question: “How is it possible to regain one’s footing once the sources of rational belief have been radically called into question?” Clearly, not by trying to shore up “the sources of rational belief.” Tweet

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