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The Phoniness of Fetzer and Philanthropy

The Phoniness of Fetzer and Philanthropy

As I pass by on the bike, a junior high school girl, accompanied by three boys her age, shouts at the top of her lungs: “I don’t give a fuck about life!” I’ve been hearing a lot of sentiments and language like that since the election, especially from girls. Tweet

Dissolving the Residue of Experience

It’s near sunset, and the light subtly changes on a gray, cold day. Sky, trees and land brighten, as if lit by a florescent lamp. The white bark of a leafless sycamore merges with the featureless white sky. What a strange time of day, of year, and of man. Tweet

The Place of Prophecy

We sophisticated post-moderns tend to think of prophecy as a dubious, if not delusional element of Old Testament Judea. But is there another meaning to prophecy, one that is philosophically sound, scientifically compatible and 21st century relevant? Tweet

The Dead Weight of Tradition

The basic assumptions that a speaker or writer holds are often enfolded in an offhanded remark, asides of such conventional wisdom that their truth seems indisputable. These are precisely the suppositions that need to be questioned most. Tweet

United Nations: Savage or Salvage?

“As to the UN,” the devil’s own President-elect Donald Trump tweeted ominously after the United Nations Security Council vote condemning Israel for expanding settlements in the West Bank, “things will be different after Jan. 2o.” Indeed they will, one way or another. Tweet

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