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Meditations articles

meditation 2

Can Meditative Dialogue Save Humanity?

Can Meditative Dialogue Save Humanity?

Like many streams flowing into one huge, polluted river, personal and national problems are now merging together as globalization intensifies. Yet the egocentric and nationalistic mentality, to one degree or another, continues to rule, as if there is no other choice or possibility. Tweet


Redefining (The) Enlightenment

“We are all Greeks,” the saying goes. It means that the Western mind was stamped in ancient Athens, and we cannot escape our heritage. Only by understanding its present movement within one can we move beyond it and bring about a new mind. Tweet

el capitan main

Climbing the Wall Within

You probably have to stand in the meadow and look up at El Capitan to have some sense of how incredible the feat of free climbing the Dawn Wall is. Just staring up at the immense, sheer slab of granite gives you a sense of vertigo, especially when you can see specks of people on

hummingbird main

Avian and Human Being

It was a very windy day, with gusts approaching 75 kilometers per hour. You would think the hummingbirds would be hunkered down somewhere. But a small fleet of them put on an incredible show for me around the feeder in the backyard. Tweet

god 1

The Ultimate Question: God

On a day that was expected to be sunny here in northern California, a thick layer of clouds sits over the land. A silent, solemn atmosphere pervades, and it feels like the entire world stands still. Tweet

Charlie Hebdo murder main

Moving Beyond Shock and Numb

“I was shocked to the core when I heard about the killings of 12 people at the offices of Charlie Hebdo,” writes a professor of cultural history in London. He may well be the only one. Tweet


When Thought-Time Ends

Readers of this column know I have a fascination with time, both physical and psychological. Neither is what we think it is, what our everyday, commonsense experience assumes. Most importantly, to cleanse the brain of the past, psychological time has to end, at least temporarily! Tweet

aging martin lefevre

Regarding Aging, and Living

Workers had just painted the lines on the new college track. A podunk little school in California’s agricultural Central Valley, I finally got my undergraduate degree there at 33. I asked one of the men when I could run on the track, and he said “20 minutes.” But meeting septuagenarian Lamar Jackson, the second runner

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