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Consciousness-science main

Putting Science In Its Place

Putting Science In Its Place

I read a good summation of the core beliefs of science this morning. I say beliefs because they are just that—unexamined premises often held subconsciously. It’s time they were questioned. Tweet


An Enquiry Into Attachment and Negation

A reader wrote to say she “doesn’t have a clue” what I’m talking about when I speak of the movement of negation. Since I’ve come to feel that no one keeps her or his head above the swelling sewage of this culture and world without regularly initiating the movement of negation, I’ll try to make

human consciousness 1

Faith In the Human Prospect

I had a revealing conversation with a couple of millennials recently. Best friends, one a father of two young children and the other soon to be a father, they are nurses in the emergency room of the local hospital. Both are smart, well informed young men in their early 30’s. And both feel hopeless, helpless

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Another Kind of Movement Altogether

Political and economic movements and protests have had little effect on man’s destruction of the planet and humanity’s spiritual potential. Is there another kind of movement, indispensable to individual inward survival, which could and would? Tweet


For the First Time In Human History

For the first time in human history, the freedom and liberation of the individual, a psychological revolution in human consciousness as a whole, and effective global governance can go together. And because they can happen together, they must. Tweet

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