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Meditations articles

mystical experiences main

Experiencing the Actuality of Oneness

Experiencing the Actuality of Oneness

To contact the numinous, one has to forget experiences, not accumulate them. And peak religious experiences are the most important experiences to forget. Tweet

personal thoughts and feelings main

The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Baste

Do our conceptions of the mind determine emotional states, or even influence them to any significant degree? Or is the globalizing culture, manifesting through family, friends and oneself, much more responsible for the rampant anxiety and anomie we see and experience in America? Tweet

california forest fires

Right Action Flows From Non-Action

Dangerous wildfires are igniting all over California and the Northwest. Yesterday, a fire that began in the steep ravines of the foothills threatened a friend’s home near Nevada City. Only a massive firefighting response, and the luck of the wind blowing away from her home, saved her house. Tweet

traditions main

Tradition and Transmutation

In ancient times, and not so long ago in many parts of the world, cultures and traditions were completely distinct and whole. Tradition wasn’t something that a people had; it was the total way of life in which people were completely immersed. Tweet

lifes origin main

A Theory of Life’s Origins

The greatest unanswered question of biology is still the first one: How did life begin on earth? A corollary of this question is: How common is life in the universe? We are living at a very exciting moment, since humankind is on the cusp of finding the answers to both questions. Tweet

Raymond Kurzweil artificla intelligence

Why Artificial Intelligence is an Oxymoron

Here in California, Silicon Valley types are still enamored with the idea that computers have brought humankind to “the edge of change comparable to the rise of human life on Earth.” Tweet

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