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The World, the Question and Oneself

The World, the Question and Oneself

The cliché, ‘being ahead of one’s time’ is easy to say, and tedious to hear. But Robinson Jeffers was truly a poet ahead of his time. Yet his solution to the human condition always seemed too harsh, even inhuman to me. But it’s time to reconsider it. Tweet

Gold Star Parents 60 minutes main

Exposing 60 Minutes Cover-up

When I was young, America’s premier TV newsmagazine, 60 minutes, did hard-hitting political exposés. These days half the segments are schlock. That was tolerable until it crossed the line into propaganda and cover-up, as Scott Pelley did last night with a segment entitled “Gold Star Parents.” Tweet

a new dark age main

How To Survive During a Dark Age

A major American newspaper recently featured an article entitled, “A New Dark Age Looms.” Its tortured premise was that drastic climate change would cause humankind to lose “our foundation of Earth knowledge, largely derived from historically observed patterns, which has been central to society’s progress.” Tweet


Science and Sublimity

Though the rain didn’t begin until nearly 10 this morning, by 3 pm the parkland had already returned to its creatures. A light drizzle, imperceptible in the wood, fell as I walked along the redolent paths, devoid of people except for a couple of kids riding their bikes home from school. Tweet

capital punishment main

State Murder and America’s Soul

On April 13th, Georgia executed Kenneth Fults, who pleaded guilty in 1997 to killing his 19-year-old neighbor, Cathy Bounds. One juror told an investigator, “Once he pled guilty, I knew I would vote for the death penalty because that’s what that nigger deserved.” Tweet

2001 A Space Odyssey

The True Frontier

There’s a lot of interest in human origins these days. A permanent exhibition, featuring more than 200 casts of pre-human and human fossils at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, addresses three fundamental questions: Where did we come from? Who are we? And what lies ahead for us? Tweet

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