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habitat destruction

Moaning On About the Meaning of Life

Moaning On About the Meaning of Life

A new show has appeared on American TV, “The Moaning of Life.” I haven’t seen it, but that about describes how many people view the age-old question. Most people have given up on life, much less answering the question of the meaning of life. Tweet


Suffering and Holiness

Hundreds of years before Jesus, the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, said, “I teach only about suffering and the end of suffering.” In Buddhism, the core intent is to end suffering; in Christianity, the core intent is to ennoble it. Jesus didn’t teach that however. Tweet

genesis story

Long Before the Genesis Story

Long before the Genesis story, people put ‘man’ at the center of the universe. That’s true even now, after astronomers have discovered an incomprehensibly vast and diverse universe. Humans are obviously self-centered by nature. So is ‘human nature’ fixed? Tweet

cosmic mind 1

Dissolving the Mistake of Man

Is there an intrinsic intent in the universe to evolve brains capable of awareness of Mind? That’s a religious and philosophical question of course, not one that can be answered by science. Tweet

climate change main

Climate Change Demands Radical Change

Nothing in the history of civilization has compelled a revolution in human consciousness like the threat posed by climate change. “Nobody on this planet is going to be untouched by the impacts of climate change,” said Rajendra K. Pachauri, chairman of the UN Intergovernmental Panel that just came out with its most sobering and urgent

obama pope francis main

In Terms of Navel Gazing

President Obama had a wonderful visit with Pope Francis last week. It was a trifecta—the celebrity head of a dead religious institution meeting with the ex-celebrity president of a dead country celebrated by a global media culture devoted solely to entertainment and sentimentality. God help us. Tweet

Eric Kandel memory main

How To Keep the Brain Young

After a light all-night rain, the clouds cleared and the sun made a welcome appearance in the early afternoon. People got outside and into the parkland in droves, including me. Meditation was just igniting through undivided, undirected observation when a rollicking group of boys descended on my sitting place. Tweet

Ukraine putin main

Lithuania and the Lilliputians

Minus the threat of nuclear war (though both America and Russia are still armed to the teeth with the damn things), the stale rehash of the Cold War calculus elicits universal yawns. You could almost hear the sighs of relief when the Malaysian airliner mystery shoved the mock superpower showdown off the airwaves. Tweet

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