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The Pressing Destiny of Humanity

The Pressing Destiny of Humanity

At one of his victory laps, I mean rallies, in Iowa on Wednesday, President-elect Donald Trump was scarier than ever, all the more so because his threats were between the lines. Tweet

Not Were Neanderthals Religious, But Are We?

It’s widely known that some Neanderthals buried their dead, inspiring some anthropologists to deduce that Neanderthals were religious. Perhaps we should find out what it means to be religious before declaring the cousins that Homo sapiens drove to extinction to be religious. Tweet

Lies, Damn Lies, and Punditry

Truth has been in the news a lot lately. I’m speaking tongue-in-cheek of course, since you’ll never find the truth in the news. It’s being said we’re in “the post-truth era.” What the heck does that mean? Tweet

Wholeness Is Beyond Belief

The pristinely clear and cold stream flows by at my feet, its brown and reddish stones burnished by the fresh current and glistening in the sunlight. A woodland hawk soars through the nearly bare branches of the oaks and sycamores, and alights on a limb near the bank on the other side. Tweet

The Physical, Metaphysical, and Mystical

Since what lies below has erupted above ground with the presidential election in the United States, it’s become urgently important to understand the difference between the physical, the metaphysical, and the mystical dimensions in human consciousness. Tweet

To Dispel Darkness, Dissolve the Self

The cornerstone of tribal mentality is the self. When humans were at an early stage of development, the self, like the tribe, was apparently inevitable. But in the modern world, the self, like the tribe, has become completely divisive and dysfunctional. Tweet

A Singularity of Darkness

It’s now clear that the West, and the world generally, are in a race to the bottom. The question is, what lies at the bottom? And what happens when we reach it? Tweet

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