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Psychological time main

Eternity Is Not a Function of Time

Eternity Is Not a Function of Time

A young, homeless-looking man is at my sitting spot on the creek when I arrive late in the afternoon. He’s brought his bike down the bank with him, and a motley assortment of things are scattered around it. Tweet

mh17-crash photos 1

Dark Convergences, Light Divergences

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead Tweet

dna evolution main

Evolution Made Me Do It

It has become fashionable amongst the intelligentsia to offer an evolutionary apologia for all manner of human unintelligence. Adaptive justifications for obesity, religious belief and even political leanings have become au courant with pundits and pandits. Like all intellectual fads however, this one offers no real insight, while encouraging fatalistic irresponsibility. Tweet


Entanglement or Simultaneity?

Every week now it seems, astronomers are making a new mind-blowing discovery or observation. Black holes tearing apart stars that come too close; galaxies flickering on just after the “Dark Age” of the universe following the Big Bang; unseen “dark energy” propelling the universe’s expansion. This, astronomer’s say, is the “golden age of cosmology.” Tweet

Dick Cheney evil main

Cheney Demonizes Himself

“The greatest achievement of the devil in the modern age is convincing people that he doesn’t exist.” I don’t know who said that, but it rings true with almost funereal finality in this moribund land. Tweet

first American experiment main

The Second American Experiment?

For many years, I thought the American vice (which most of my countrymen still call a virtue) of having things both ways sprang from the mind of Alexander Hamilton, not his nemesis, Thomas Jefferson. But it turns out that it was Jefferson, the embodiment of contradiction, who set the mold of the American mentality. Tweet

basic needs

Need, Necessity and Humanity

Lately I’ve been grappling with the distinction between necessity and need. What is the difference between them, and can one see the dissimilarity as need and necessity present themselves? Tweet

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