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Are There Two Basic Movements, or Three?

Are There Two Basic Movements, or Three?

Is the “arc of the moral universe” an illusion, or does “it bend toward justice” as Martin Luther King famously said, and Barack Obama maintained to his last day in office? (Even as he handed over the most powerful office in the world to a malignant narcissist.) Tweet

Regarding Sources and Wellsprings

Of all the outrages President Trump (I’ll never get used to that phrase) has already committed, the one that made the media-government complex apoplectic was when he derisively spoke the truth to Bill O’Reilly: “What, you think our country’s so innocent?” Tweet

As the Old Order Crumbles

I’ve had the gift/curse of being able to see the near future (one or two years out) with visceral (not intellectual) certainty. Each time I’ve asked: If you know something is going to happen, and can do nothing to stop it, what is one’s responsibility and response? Tweet

The Roots of an Invasive Species, Man

Scientists now speak of the ‘Anthropocene Age’—the domination of the earth by man. It’s meant to be scientifically neutral term, as if a sentient species rapidly warming the atmosphere, depleting and destroying the oceans, and bringing about the Sixth Mass Extinction in the entire history of life on earth is normal. Tweet

Home Is No Country

America has never felt like home to me. Now it doesn’t feel like home to millions of other Americans, whether they were born here as I was or not. Forget the ‘misery loves company’ cliché. Where are people, who felt the United States was the last great hope of the world, to find home now?

Evil Trumps Reason

Nihilism is defined as the “viewpoint that traditional values and beliefs are unfounded, and that existence is senseless and useless.” Those are two very different things however. Traditional values and beliefs may be arbitrary and meaningless, but life is not pointless and hopeless. Tweet

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