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Carlos Kleiber conductor

Be a Conductor, Not a Conduit

Be a Conductor, Not a Conduit

To listen and watch Carlos Kleiber conduct Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, even on YouTube, is to know in one’s heart that there is an intelligence beyond the mind of man. Tweet

new technology toys main

The New Toy Phase of High Technology

In America at least, we are still in the new toy phase of high technology. Every new gadget that comes out receives oohs and aahs in the media, with the subtext, ‘aren’t we the most amazing people for inventing all these wonderful things!’ Tweet

Wallpapers Market

The Universe Is Not a Machine

Though the rain didn’t begin until late morning, by mid-afternoon the park that runs along the creek through town had already returned to its creatures. A light, almost imperceptible drizzle fell as I walked along the redolent paths, devoid of people except for a couple of kids riding their bikes home from school. Tweet

science vs religion main

Science, Knowledge and Truth

One of the greatest confusions of our age is the conflation of scientific knowledge and truth. Indeed, scientific knowledge is now seen by most people as the only way to speak about truth at all. When something seems unarguable, that’s precisely when it needs to be argued. Tweet

observing nature main

Liberating the Brain’s Capacity for Insight

Swallows are playing on the air and skimming the surface of the water. Quail cavort in the bushes along the stream, and I hear pheasant squawking in the fields. Though near the horizon, the sun is still shining with brightness and warmth. Tweet

cro magnon main

Neanderthals, Cro Magnons and Us

New findings have been coming out regarding the clash in Europe between Neanderthals and the first fully modern humans, the Cro Magnons, tens of thousands of years ago. These findings speak of the last great breakthrough in human evolution, and point to the next leap in consciousness, whenever it occurs. Tweet

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