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A Chinese Buddhist Woman’s Jesus

A Chinese Buddhist Woman’s Jesus

For me, the clearest, deepest and I think truest portrait of Jesus came in the form of an elderly Chinese Buddhist woman who had barely escaped the throes and woes of communism. Tweet


A Strange Gift

In the early 1980’s, after 15 years of intensive philosophical inquiry into the question of how human disorder could evolve out of the natural order, I had a shattering experience, which answered the question for me at literally a gut level. Tweet

obama the interview main

A Breakthrough Barack, Really?

I’m glad Barack Obama finally figured out that he can’t compromise with the extremists in Congress, and is doing some things by executive action that he was unable to achieve by consensus. I just wish he hadn’t waited until “the fourth quarter” to do so. He may have blown the game in the first quarter


An Enquiry Into Death and Enlightenment

As negation in meditation deepens with effortless diligence, one comes into direct, wordless contact with the infinite and omnipresent fact of death. Rather than react out of fear however, one remains with the fact, without any morbidity, and makes a friend of death. Tweet

2 questions 1 answer martin lefevre

Two Questions, One Answered?

Like many adults, I feel I misspent my youth. But one true thing stands—the philosophical investigation I doggedly pursued for 15 years, through various jobs, colleges and moves. It flowed from this question: Why are humans generating increasing disorder and chaos, when we evolved along with all other life, and life moves in dynamic order

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The Spiritual Is Political

After over 24 hours of hard rain, and despite an ongoing steady downpour, we entered the parkland for a walk, carrying umbrellas and bundled against the chill. Crossing the footbridge, the brown, frothing waterway made a mockery of the word creek. Tweet

Guantanamo Bay Facility Continues To Serve As Detention Center For War Detainees

Bring Forth What Is Within You

Sometimes, you don’t need to read any further than the headlines. “The Torture Report Reminds Us What America Was,” reads the title of an op-ed piece in the New York Times today, thereby announcing an inability to make the connection between the supersaturated spiritual depression in America today, and the evil the Bush-Cheney Administration manifested

group of begging hands

Creating a New Kind of Culture

There are about 6000 languages spoken in the world today, many of them by dwindling groups of indigenous people. By the end of this century, it is projected that there will be only 600. What is the significance of this loss, and does it parallel the loss of diversity in the natural world? Tweet

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