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Revolution, Not Evolution

Revolution, Not Evolution

The current thinking in human evolution is that fully modern humans migrated from Africa somewhere between 50-100,000 years ago. As the crisis of consciousness intensifies, one is compelled to ask: Is a new human being possible? Tweet


When Democracy Becomes Mob Rule

Democracy works, in its imperfectly compromising way, when a given people are essentially aware and decent, and do not revel and roar in ignorance. But when a people are willfully ignorant and indecent, and when intellectuals refuse to see and address it, democracy degenerates into mob rule. Tweet


There Is No Spiritual Evolution

Overhanging the gorge are great angular outcroppings of volcanic rock–solid and sharp edged extrusions protruding from the gently sloping grasslands behind them. Some have huge slabs balanced on top, looking like they had been perfectly placed by a giant stonemason. Tweet


Indifference With Caring

In my last column, I explored the distinction between science investigating and explaining mysteries, and the experiencing of mystery that underlies the religious mind. In this column I’d like to explore the question: Is there cosmic significance to the crisis of human consciousness, which has produced untenable fragmentation of the earth and people? Tweet


Regarding Intelligent Life

Whenever I hear an astronomer or astrobiologist talk about ‘finding humanity’s place in the universe,’ I wonder, can that ever be found externally, by looking outward to the stars? Tweet


Disruption With or Without Radical Change?

In one essential respect Donald Trump is telling the truth and Hillary Clinton is lying to the American people. It may well cost her the election. More importantly, it may cost humanity the foreseeable future, unless there is a breakthrough before election. Tweet


The Color of God

A counter-sunset over the canyon and above the cliffs suffuses the sky with great swaths of soft color, fading fast. Standing and turning around after a long meditation overlooking the gorge, I’m stopped in my tracks. A sweep of intense color cuts like a scythe into me. Color is indeed God. Tweet

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