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order from disorder main

Disorder from Order In Man’s Evolution

Disorder from Order In Man’s Evolution

Asking the right question is very important. Given that nature unfolds in wholeness and order, and that the human species evolved from and in nature, how is it that man could become such a force of fragmentation and disorder? Tweet

Ottawa shooting main

The Week and Times in Review

A good working definition of an adult is a person does not act out of their stuff (read conditioning) as a rule. They take complete responsibility for the darkness within, however it got there, and live mindfully and with self-knowing. Such people, who display maturity and empathy, are increasingly rare. Why is that so? Tweet

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Insight at Elevation

One of the least visited national parks in America, Lassen Volcanic National Park, is an hour and half drive from here. Camping at a walk-in site near the entrance affords 360-degree views through the pines of barren peaks and gently sloping saddles. Tweet


Consciousness Does Not Evolve

Fog enshrouds the small town as I enter the mountain community from the valley below. With a few hundred meters more elevation, the fog clears, though the skies remain cloudy. Reaching the man-made lake, there’s a brightening, and even a patch of blue. Tweet

darkness and evil

Dispelling Darkness Within, Confronting Evil Without

A conversation with a Buddhist teacher from India turned to the Buddha’s illumination. “The Buddha,” he said, “was attacked by Mara, but the Buddha came to see that the evil was within him.” Is that true, I asked? Tweet

Dalai Lama 1

Why Dalai Lama Won’t Reincarnate in Tibet

The Dalai Lama has said that he may not reincarnate again, and if he does, it will not be in Tibet. He isn’t referring to illumination however. Bodhisattvas reincarnate; illumined beings incarnate. Tweet

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