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Understanding Israel’s Criminality in Gaza

Understanding Israel’s Criminality in Gaza

Some years ago, a friend, who sometimes unintentionally (I think) sets me up in uncomfortable situations, introduced me to an Irish lass in the only Irish bar in town. She was straight off the boat, taking classes for a term or two at the local college. “He’s Irish,” my Italian friend said with enthusiasm. The

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Beyond National Interest

In a tour de force of shallow journalism, the leading newspaper in America and arguably the world recently did what they called a news analysis on the United Nations. It’s central thesis? “The problem is not that the major world powers don’t care. It is that they care too much,” the piece risibly pronounced. Tweet

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Humanity’s Place In the Universe

For at least 100,000 years, since ‘modern man’ first emerged from Africa, humans have been as we are—tribal, self-centered, and dominated by the separative capabilities of ‘higher thought.’ Tweet


Indifference or Detachment?

It’s become fashionable to talk about angels, even to proclaim that one is a channel for this or that incorporeal deity. Such stuff rubs me the wrong way, though I don’t dismiss it out of hand. 99% horse pucky still leaves 1% that isn’t. Tweet

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Dark Convergences, Light Divergences

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead Tweet

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Evolution Made Me Do It

It has become fashionable amongst the intelligentsia to offer an evolutionary apologia for all manner of human unintelligence. Adaptive justifications for obesity, religious belief and even political leanings have become au courant with pundits and pandits. Like all intellectual fads however, this one offers no real insight, while encouraging fatalistic irresponsibility. Tweet


Entanglement or Simultaneity?

Every week now it seems, astronomers are making a new mind-blowing discovery or observation. Black holes tearing apart stars that come too close; galaxies flickering on just after the “Dark Age” of the universe following the Big Bang; unseen “dark energy” propelling the universe’s expansion. This, astronomer’s say, is the “golden age of cosmology.” Tweet

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