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Meditations articles

What Does It Mean To Have a Religious Mind?

What Does It Mean To Have a Religious Mind?

Is there such a thing as being religious without a religion? Yes. In fact, religious affiliation, practice and belief now largely prevent people from being religious. Tweet

The Complicity of the “Fake Media”

I’ve written a good deal about the death of America’s soul as the essential cause of the emergence of such a hateful, odious liar as Donald Trump as POTUS (an acronym that has become onomatopoetic). But just what does it mean for a nation to lose its soul? Tweet

The Parts Cannot Make Us Whole

Until recently I thought that activists working to bring about a sustainable, peaceful and just world were doing their bit. It was just a matter of finding a way to combine the local and global spheres, and the silos would be broken down. Tweet

Outright Lies and Dangerous Half-Truths

Pundits like Charles Blow of the New York Times keep repeating the lie that “the presidency has been hijacked,” and Trump represents “the most extraordinary and profound electoral mistake America has made.” [Emphasis mine] Tweet

Timelessness and the Future of Humanity

After a fine conversation, a friend sent me this quote: “Once severed from the future the past becomes an insignificant parade of trivial events no longer organic, no longer potent or painful.” It raises an important question: What is the future, when freed from the chains of the past? Tweet

Death In Every Breath

Not a leaf fluttered. It was so quiet and still that every sound was clear and distinct. Attending to the movement of thought/emotion in the mirror of nature as the stream flowed quietly by at one’s feet, the stillness outside penetrated and became stillness inside. Tweet

Contemplation, Philosophy and Action

Cars were streaming out of Upper Park as I drove in late in the afternoon during the long holiday weekend. The bumpy gravel road is less and less of an impediment to all sorts of activities, from enjoying swimming holes to flying drones. Yes, flying drones. Tweet

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