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Meditations articles

human brain main

The Human Brain Matters

The Human Brain Matters

Life is on the cusp of exploding with spring here. For a few minutes there is nothing except bright, diffuse light, the water flowing by, and long shoots of new grass across the stream so green they make your heart ache. Tweet

Sokrates, Antisthenes, Chrysippos, Epikouros

What Is a Philosopher?

Twenty years ago, when I replied to the standard question, ‘what do you do?’ with ‘I do philosophy,’ I was met with blank stares. Now everyone but Marco Rubio and his followers thinks they’re a philosopher. The truth is not somewhere in between. Tweet

natures beauty

Beauty, Love and Creation

A vulture soars by, wheels and circles a few times. The sight of it as the mind enters a meditative state opens the gates of perception to beauty again. Strange how important the insight into beauty is, and how few take time for it. Tweet

human consciousness main

A Thought Experiment, Story and Insight

Here’s an interesting thought experiment, inadvertently posed by the paleontologist Scott D. Sampson. It points to the core questions and insights of the evolution of consciousness in the universe. Tweet

the universe

Universe or Multiverse?

In astrophysics, as in life, it comes down to whether one feels there is some kind of intelligence operating from the beginning in the universe (without implying a Creator), or that life and consciousness are random events. Universe or multiverse? Tweet

poisoning flint river

The Poisoning of America

Even half a century ago as a boy in Michigan during the heyday of the auto industry, Flint was seen as a rather sad sinkhole. But I could not have imagined things would have come to this. Tweet

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