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Meditations articles

nature beauty main

“Beauty Will Save the World”

“Beauty Will Save the World”

A novel that deeply affected me when I was young is Dostoevsky’s “The Idiot.” In it, the central character utters one of the most memorable and mysterious lines in all of literature: “Beauty will save the world.” What did Dostoevsky mean, and how might it be true? Tweet

Psychological Memory main

Psychological Memory Prevents Realization

After a light, all-night rain, the clouds cleared and the sun made a welcome appearance in the early afternoon. People got outside and into the parkland in droves, including me. Meditation quickly ignited through undivided observation. Suddenly a rollicking group of boys descended on the place. Tweet

isis paris attacks main

Reaction Denies Response

The reaction to terrorist attacks by most people in the Western world has been to say, “we will not change; we will continue to live just as we have been living.” To do otherwise is viewed as “letting the terrorists win.” That’s deeply mistaken. Tweet

rainbow after rain

Mind, Brain and the World

After the slaughter in Paris I called a Portuguese friend in the Azores who had lived for nearly 20 years in California. We hadn’t talked in nearly half a year, but immediately communicated beyond words. There were long silences when words seemed not just superfluous, but wholly inadequate. Tweet

marco rubio philsophers main

Rubio’s Kind Couldn’t Pay Philosophers Enough

The biggest applause line in last week’s Republican debate was Marco Rubio’s stump speech crack, “welders make more money than philosophers; we need more welders and less philosophers.” Tweet

An early morning beam of light streams though the church door and illuminates the altar at Mission San Juan Bautista.

The End of the Enlightenment, the Dawn of the Illumination?

If the events of recent days have demonstrated anything, it is that the Enlightenment ideals of human reason and rationality, which originated in France, cannot hold sway over the chaos of belief and irrationality. Tweet

human and nature

A New Story of Humans and Nature

For at least 100,000 years, since ‘modern man’ first emerged from Africa, humans have been as we are—tribal, self-centered and dominated by the separative, alienating-from-nature capabilities of so-called higher thought. Tweet

scientific-method main

An Enquiry Into the Scientific Method

Questioner one: I’d like to begin our enquiry today with a statement by a local philosophy professor. He said, “Science and its method is the best available way to explain and understand our world.” Is that true, or is there another approach to truth besides the scientific method? Tweet

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