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Meditations articles

cro magnon main

Neanderthals, Cro Magnons and Us

Neanderthals, Cro Magnons and Us

New findings have been coming out regarding the clash in Europe between Neanderthals and the first fully modern humans, the Cro Magnons, tens of thousands of years ago. These findings speak of the last great breakthrough in human evolution, and point to the next leap in consciousness, whenever it occurs. Tweet

Anthropocene Age main

Revisiting the Anthropocene Age

It’s difficult to conceive, but a few decades ago nature was largely seen as a dangerously untamed force. Now only when there are natural disasters, such as the recent cyclone that devastated the island country of Vanuatu, are we reminded that the forces of nature are not under human control. Tweet

dan harris 10 happier book

Funny Two Ways: Marketing Meditation

Recently I watched a funny interview on Charlie Rose with Dan Harris, author of a new book about meditation, “10% Happier,” lugubriously and ludicrously subtitled, “How I Tamed the Voice In My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge and Found Self-Help That Actually Works—a True Story.” Tweet

PI day

As Hard, and Easy, as Pi

The headline in the science section of the New York Times said it all, “Suddenly, It Seems, Water Is Everywhere in Solar System.” That means humankind has now come as close to discovering life on other bodies as we’re going to come without direct evidence of microbial or multicellular organisms. Tweet

conciousness main

The Fire of Attention Cleanses the Brain

With the first step out of the car, the feeling of early spring at about 1000 meters in the mountains is palpable. Despite the drought, the small reservoir is about 80% capacity. We had expected to still see something of the moonscape it became in the fall, with old stumps and brown bathtub ring. Tweet


No Psychological Origin?

Does human aggression and violence have a biological basis, or is it rooted in human psychology? Beyond the nature-nurture dichotomy, is nature and evolution the primary source of individual and collective aggression, violence and depression, or is culture and conditioning? Tweet

humans and nature main

The Most Urgent Question

The most urgent question, which neither science nor philosophy are truly asking, pertains to the relationship between humans and nature. Specifically, how did Homo sapiens, which evolved along with all other life, evolve the power to become such a destructive force to the entire fabric of life on earth? Tweet

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