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gay marriage main 1

When Centrism Becomes Nihilism

When Centrism Becomes Nihilism

Since the US Supreme Court ruling making gay marriage the law of the land, many social conservatives are arguing that it’s time for Christians to strategically retreat into their own communities, where they can keep “the light of faith burning through the surrounding cultural darkness.” Tweet


Stagnation Is Not an Option

In astrophysics, as in life, there are generally three views of where things are headed. Let’s call them evolution, entropy or enervation. In other words, better, worse or the same. Tweet

weeping history

History Will Weep

Attesting that being a liberal or a conservative has become a distinction without a difference, ‘progressive’ mouthpieces for the corporate media have taken to comparing and defending Western ideas and institutions against pro-Putin intellectuals. They set a very low bar for themselves, and even then don’t clear it. Tweet


Detoxifying Consciousness

On a warm, hazy afternoon, people cross the iron footbridge on bikes, foot or horseback. I sit about 75 meters upstream from the bridge. And though I’m in the open, few passersby see me either from the bridge, or the narrow park road across and above the stream. Tweet

timelessness main

Tasks and Timelessness

Thoughts and emotions arise and pass by like leaves and twigs on the water. Watching them without interference, without trying to do anything about them, the mind quiets and the river of consciousness clears of debris. Then there is just pure, flowing water. Tweet

journalism truth

Writing a Column

There was a time when truth-telling meant something, even on TV’s nightly news. But “speaking truth to power” has become a hollow cliché. After all, challenging readers to think and find out for themselves means that the thinker and writer have to be constantly challenging themselves to question and examine. Tweet

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