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untied nations

Globalism Before Americanism

Globalism Before Americanism

As history demonstrates, there are times, such as 1930’s Germany, when the consent of the governed is used to destroy democracy. Donald Trump is a despot in waiting who would destroy what we have left of democracy in the United States, and could bring about the end of civilization. Tweet

spiritual guides

A Question of Faith

I’ve had occasion to speak with a number spiritual guides and life coaches lately. Though I haven’t sought them out as such, I keep encountering them, and they all seem to be humming from the same self-satisfied hymnbook. What is going on? Tweet


Self-Knowing and the Neuroscience Craze

The latest and worst craze in the Western mind’s attempt to understand the human mind is neuroscience in the hands of professional philosophers. These dubious twins are mounting a frontal attack on self-knowing, attempting a complete eclipsing of human autonomy and freedom by deeply confused empiricists.    Tweet

REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer

It’s All ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Now (Yes, Even With ISIS)

The Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris in January of 2015 seemed localized and remote. The Bataclan massacre in November 2015 felt indiscriminate but still over there. However the depravity of mowing down hundreds of people with a refrigerator truck in Nice felt like it happened in one’s own town. Tweet

obama dallas speech

Can the Slide Down the Trump Hole Be Stopped?

The reason Barack Obama’s presidency has failed to bring unity to America was on the stage with him at the memorial for the murdered policemen in Dallas yesterday. And it trailed him off the stage after Obama’s herculean effort delivering a mediocre address. Tweet

American Buddhists bodhisattvas main

Ignite the Light of Insight

Still a young man, he spent 9 years in a Japanese monastery. With shaved head and monk’s dress he looks the part. But from the start of the conversation he betrayed his American conditioning and cultural adaptation by uttering the hackneyed tropes of the times. Tweet

dallas police shootings main

Evil Cannot Be Individualized

There’s a story about a woman being herded off the train at Auschwitz after enduring conditions unfit for the cattle previously transported in the same cars. Stepping onto the platform, she asks a guard, “Why?” “There is no why here,” he replies. Tweet

origin of species main

Natural Selection Is Not Enough

Alfred Russel Wallace was the co-discoverer, with Charles Darwin, of natural selection. He wrote within a decade of the “Origin of Species” that the mystery of consciousness was proof that natural selection was not enough. His challenge still stands. Tweet

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