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It’s Not Their World; It’s Ours

It’s Not Their World; It’s Ours

For many years, people in the United States, Europe and Russia lived under the threat of nuclear annihilation. Then the Cold War seemed to end as quickly as it began, and our fear faded into memory. Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu invoked and stoked the fear of thermonuclear war again this week. Tweet

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Sentience, Self-Awareness and Self-Knowing

Self-awareness and sentience are difficult terms. Even scientists can’t agree on the difference between self-awareness and consciousness.  So what is the distinction between awareness of self, self-awareness and self-knowing?   Tweet

illumination 1

Life Is Perpetually Beginning

Life is perpetually beginning, and so right living means beginning each day anew—dying each day and beginning each day without continuity. To my mind, that’s the only way to live and grow in this terrible world. Tweet

usa today

Weep for America, Work for Humanity

Sometimes you read something by a mouthpiece for the status quo that’s so outrageously false, yet so widely and subconsciously accepted, that you want to scream. Here’s such a boner (in the first sense of the word, though Viagra could have inspired it): “Nationalism tied to universal democracy is uplifting and ennobling.” Tweet


Will Computers Free or Enslave the Brain?

Now that computers are replicating and recapitulating the functions of thought, we are faced with the questions: What does it mean to be human? What is the human brain for? Tweet

dark idealologies

Confronting Dark Ideologies, Western & Islamic

It’s chilly, partly cloudy, and thought-stoppingly beautiful in the parkland. The creek roars by like a wild green animal. Though the mind falls silent without much difficulty on such a day, one wonders, is me-consciousness just too deeply entrenched generally? Tweet


Interfaith or Intrafaith?

A magnificent hawk—perhaps an eagle—circled three times high above the stream. Shortly thereafter, a ‘kite’ appeared, fluttering in the distance over the fields to the north, barely visible through the bare trees. Tweet

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