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brexit vote

An End to the Old Order

An End to the Old Order

Having been at the epicenter of a 7.1 earthquake along California’s San Andreas fault, in which the apartment building rolled like a ship in high seas, I can attest to what it feels like when the ground under your feet goes from solid to liquid. Brexit was an 8.5 political earthquake, but like all destructive

23 ISIS Terrorists Killed in Turkey, US-Led Coalition in Syria: Report

Syria: Obama’s Slow-Motion Rwanda

President Obama recently suffered the indignity of having 51 mid to high-level diplomats at the State Department openly dissent against his non-policy on Syria. Bill Clinton has said that his willful neglect of the Rwandan genocide was the greatest regret of his presidency. Syria has become Obama’s Rwanda. Tweet

Division In Consciousness

Ending Division In Consciousness

Instead of scaring up a couple of ducks as I coast down the dirt path to the creek, I surprise a man standing in the middle of the stream. He’s foraging for something in the hip deep water; I don’t ask what. We say hello and I sit a little way upstream to watch the

human psychology and consciousness main

Science and Psychology Redux

There is a relationship of course between hard science and human psychology, besides the fact that the human mind gives rise to scientific discovery. It isn’t, however, the relationship that science is presently drawing. Tweet

identity main

Conflating Science and Psychology, the Question of Identity

Even the most brilliant and careful scientist is susceptible to bias. As philosopher Daniel Dennett has said, “Nobody is immune to wishful thinking.” Is there an approach other than the scientific method that counters this universal human tendency? Tweet

transformation-humanity main

America’s Place In the World

We stood overlooking the volcanic gorge beyond town, an easy 2-mile walk from the gate along a streamside trail. Vultures soared a few meters over our heads, and the black and white wings of woodpeckers flashed in flight as they darted from one side of the chasm to the other. Tweet


When ‘I’ Am Not, There’s Just Being

Since a grasslands fire swept leapt the creek about a decade ago, the great sycamore on its banks has been slowly dying. Sitting under it now is a reminder that the earth is rapidly dying at the hands of man. Tweet

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