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Consciousness at the Cusp?

Consciousness at the Cusp?

Perhaps the clearest expression of a core intent of this column comes from Vimala Thakar, an Indian spiritual teacher and social activist I read about recently who died in 2009. Combining two seemingly, usually separate domains, Vimala taught spirituality to activists, and advocated social conscience to contemplatives. Tweet


Pretexts for War

Ban Ki Moon nattered obsequiously today at a special session of the Security Council called by President Obama to “unify the world” on the supposed threat to humanity posed by ISIS/ISIL. Moon may as well have been baying at it when he spoke of “the unity of purpose of the Security Council under the leadership

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A Question of Symbols

A sudden cognitive advance occurred in ancient humans, some 100,000 years ago. It was an evolutionary leap that enabled us to have complex languages and cultures, as well as art, science and technology. Since then we humans have been creatures of symbols. Is the next evolutionary leap liberation from symbols? Tweet

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No Teaching Without Questioning

The prevalent notion among spiritual teachers is that questioning is a sign of non-understanding. They are there to give answers, not ask questions. But it’s actually just the opposite. Illumined beings are continually questioning themselves and others. Tweet

Climate Change Summit

Holding The Question

Another inter-governmental conference on climate change is about to begin in New York. If you even knew about it, you belong to the shrinking minority of people who either still give a damn, or believe that the conference or the “People’s Climate March” on Sunday will make any real difference. But are these two ineffectual

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Don’t Build a Self, Negate the Self

“Look beneath the façade of seamless well-adjustment, and what you often find are toxic levels of fear, anxiety, and depression, of emptiness and aimlessness and isolation.” Tweet

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Playing At War

President Obama’s short speech to the nation and world about the ISIS/ISIL threat was so chocked full of falsehoods that it almost seems futile to attempt to clarify the issue. The most ludicrously false utterance was this: “American leadership is the one constant in an uncertain world.” Tweet


The Anarchy of Nations

The more President Obama and other heads of nations talk about preserving the international order, the more you know it is history. The question is: Can existing paradigms and institutions halt the spiral of disorder in the world, or is a completely new response required at all levels? Tweet

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