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Consciousness Does Not Evolve

Consciousness Does Not Evolve

Fog enshrouds the small town as I enter the mountain community from the valley below. With a few hundred meters more elevation, the fog clears, though the skies remain cloudy. Reaching the man-made lake, there’s a brightening, and even a patch of blue. Tweet

darkness and evil

Dispelling Darkness Within, Confronting Evil Without

A conversation with a Buddhist teacher from India turned to the Buddha’s illumination. “The Buddha,” he said, “was attacked by Mara, but the Buddha came to see that the evil was within him.” Is that true, I asked? Tweet

Dalai Lama 1

Why Dalai Lama Won’t Reincarnate in Tibet

The Dalai Lama has said that he may not reincarnate again, and if he does, it will not be in Tibet. He isn’t referring to illumination however. Bodhisattvas reincarnate; illumined beings incarnate. Tweet

mirror of nature

Responsibility Without Free Will

Philosophers have been trying to reconcile the subject and object duality as long as there’s been philosophy. A recent fad in this vein is called ‘binocularity.’ It only confuses the issue even more. Tweet

central america tradition

The End of Tradition

In ancient times, and not so long ago in many parts of the world, each tradition was completely distinct and whole. Tradition wasn’t something that a people had; it was the total way of life in which a people were completely immersed. Tweet


Consciousness at the Cusp?

Perhaps the clearest expression of a core intent of this column comes from Vimala Thakar, an Indian spiritual teacher and social activist I read about recently who died in 2009. Combining two seemingly, usually separate domains, Vimala taught spirituality to activists, and advocated social conscience to contemplatives. Tweet


Pretexts for War

Ban Ki Moon nattered obsequiously today at a special session of the Security Council called by President Obama to “unify the world” on the supposed threat to humanity posed by ISIS/ISIL. Moon may as well have been baying at it when he spoke of “the unity of purpose of the Security Council under the leadership

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