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Meditations articles

Vester Flanagan main

How to Protect Yourself From Evil

How to Protect Yourself From Evil

There is something so blatantly, metaphysically, evil in the latest made-for-social-media slaughter in the United States that one wonders how anyone could not see it. The dominant news media, having voyeuristically exploited one horror after another for entertainment value, is doing just that however. Tweet

human conciousness main

Response to a Reader from France

A reader from France wrote a sanguine response to my last column about entanglement. His letter attests both to the veracity of the theory of entanglement (‘meditations’ doesn’t appear in France), and raises doubts about its application to human consciousness, at this point in human history anyway. Tweet

Astrophysicist Brian Greene main

The Double Meaning of Entanglement

Astronomers are making new mind-blowing discoveries. Black holes tearing apart and sucking in stars that come too close; galaxies flickering on just after the “Dark Age” of the universe following the Big Bang; unseen “dark energy” propelling the universe’s expansion. This, astronomer’s say, is the “golden age of cosmology.” Tweet

solitary meditation main

Inquiry and the Music of Meaning

Dialogue is a word that has been rendered almost meaningless by having so many meanings to so many people. Politicians have misappropriated the word and nearly destroyed its usefulness. But there is a deeper meaning to dialogue, having to do with shared exploration through questioning together. Tweet


Ignorance is Not Lack of Knowledge

“Ignorance is not lack of knowledge but of self-knowing.” I read that provocative statement today, and it prompted these questions: What is self-knowing? What is the difference between self-knowing and self-knowledge? Why is it essential to be self-knowing? Tweet

Walter-James-Palmer-DDS-cecil-lion 1

Who Owns African Lions?

Today is World Lion Day. The big-money pleasure killing of a Zimbabwean lion named Cecil is being portrayed in the New York Times as humans vs. nature, romanticism vs. reality. It’s neither. Tweet

Natalia Molchanova diving

Diving into Death

When I was in junior high school, bored classmates and I would hold breath-holding contests. Since I could hold my breath for 4 minutes, I usually won. Natalia Molchanova, the greatest freediver in history who died last Sunday in a “fun” dive off the coast of Spain, could hold her breath for 9 minutes!

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