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From Buddha to AI?

From Buddha to AI?

It’s said that after 50 years of teaching, only two of the Buddha’s pupils, Sariputta and Mogallanna, really understood him. Yet from that small beginning came a creative explosion, one whose fading perfume still lingers in India today, 2500 years after Siddhartha’s death. Tweet

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Human Vision and Creativeness

Finally, a mainstream columnist has written the truth about the invasion of Iraq. Nobel Laureate economist Paul Krugman’s recent piece, “Errors and Lies,” gives an honest and accurate portrayal of how the war was perpetrated by the Bush-Cheney Administration, with the complicity of the American media, and people. Tweet

Ex Machina movie review

Ex Machina: A Deeply Misanthropic Movie

Spoiler Alert: Though “Ex Machina” is a philosophical and spiritual mess, I still recommend it, both as a riveting movie, and for the questions it raises, despite the wrongheaded answers it provides. Watch the interview with the writer-director if you like, but don’t read this review before seeing the film. Save and read it afterward!

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Leave No Stone Unturned

Three white teenagers rode their bikes down to the creek about 60 meters downstream. The older two looked like they were still in junior high school, about 14. The youngest boy was no more than 12. The leader waved when I did, but you could tell they were up to no good. Tweet

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B-52 Breakthrough

In the early 1980’s, after 15 years of intensive philosophical inquiry into the question of how human disorder could evolve out of the natural order, I had a shattering experience that answered the question for me, at literally a gut level. Tweet

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Paradox or Contradiction?

The words paradox and contradiction are used interchangeably these days. They aren’t synonymous however, and point to very different phenomena. In the following examples, which is a paradox, and which is a contradiction? Tweet

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Leaving the Stream of Time

Sometimes I’m asked what I do to awaken a meditative state. This is what I do: I sit and watch the movement of thought and emotion in the mirror of nature until I can’t hold a thought in my head, and don’t want to. Tweet


An Experiment in the Infinite Ocean

A strange, featherless flying dinosaur, humorously named Yi qi (“ee chee”), has been discovered in China. “It was one of presumably many experiments in early flight that failed the test of time and was eventually abandoned,” it was reported in the New York Times. Experiments by whom or what? Tweet

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