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Chikungunya main

Impending Chikungunya Epidemic in Costa Rica

Impending Chikungunya Epidemic in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Health News - What better news than that we are expecting a viral epidemic? I’m speaking of the impending Chikungunya epidemic, which is transmitted by the same mosquitoes that carry Dengue. Tweet

digital medical records 1

Costa Rica’s Medical Records Going Digital

Costa Rica Health News - There are mixed reviews about electronic medical records. Who could potentially gain access to our personal information? That issue aside, most people would like an electronic record so they can get care in multiple places, without having to gather tons of paperwork. Tweet

costa rica dental implants main

Finding Out More; Costa Rica Dental Implants 101

Costa Rica Health News - A beautiful healthy smile is a precious asset that can help us exude a positive aura and create a good lasting impression. As we age though it takes more time, work and effort to keep our smile healthy because as we age we experience tooth loss. Tweet

dental implants costa rica main

Why Costa Rica Dental Implants for Missing Teeth?

Costa Rica Dental Tourism - If you have lost a tooth due to an accident, disease or dental decay, you are not in a league of your own. In the United States alone, over 100 million people are reported to have lost 11-15 of their natural teeth and around 20 million people have lost all their

Chikungunya Virus costa rica

Tourist to Costa Rica Contracts Chikungunya Virus?

Costa Rica News – The first possible confirmed case of the Chikungunya virus has been reported to the Costa Rica health system. A lady from France visited Costa Rica and went home with a case of Chikungunya Fever. Tweet

Aedes aegypti mosquitoes transmit the dengue fever virus

Dengue Virus Spreading Through Costa Rica’s Limon Province

Costa Rica Health News - According to the Costa Rican Health Ministry, the Limon Province is where the most active transmission of the dengue virus is taking place this year. Matina is the town where the greatest number of dengue cases have been found: 309 so far this year. Tweet

dengue fever mosquito costa rica

Dengue Hits Hard in Matina & Corredores Costa Rica

Costa Rica Health News - The Costa Rican Health Ministry announced that only 3,064 people have contracted dengue this year, so far. This number may seem high but it is 71% less than the confirmed cases at the same time last year. Tweet

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