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Tuberculosis costa rica main

Tuberculosis (TB) Outbreak in Costa Rica?

Tuberculosis (TB) Outbreak in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Health News – Is there an outbreak that we should be worried about in Costa Rica? Health officials have an outbreak on their hands. The southern region of San Jose and also Limon are experiencing a spreading case of tuberculosis. The San Juan de Dios Hospital has treated 15 patients for the disease in

Dental Implant Model

Professional Dentists Advice & Thoughts on Dental Implants

Costa Rica Dental Tourism News - An average Registered Dental Hygienist faces limitations when doing regular recare appointment. Aside from being unable to get their preferred instruments, which hygienists usually complain about due to insufficient funding, they also have to beat the time allocated them to work on an implant. Having around 20 hand scalers rolling

hemodialysis_costa rica main

Hospital Mexico’s Hemodialysis Center Gets Influx of Funds

Costa Rica Health News - Hospital Mexico’s Hemodialysis Center is treating almost 60 patients with kidney disease every week. They just got a 200 million colones investment in addition to a donation of 100 million colones from the Board of Social Protection of San Jose. Tweet

Biomedical-Research costa rica main

The Future of Biomedical Research in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News - It’s been five years that the Constitutional Court has been working on a law for biomedical research involving people in clinical trials. Many companies, at least 20, have left the country and moved to Panama or Guatemala where they can perform their studies without so much red tape. Tweet

costa rica dental tourism

A Costa Rica Dental Vacation; Getting Back My Smile

Costa Rica Dental Tourism – The following was a story of a dental tourism patient that wanted to talk about his dental experience in Costa Rica. We all here about the benefits of going abroad to get your dental procedures performed but do you really know what you are going to experience when getting your

costa rica medical tourism

More Canadians Taking Advantage of Costa Rica Medical Tourism

Costa Rica Health News - Foreigners come to Costa Rica to enjoy discounted prices on a wide array of procedures such as dental work, orthopedics, weight loss surgery, and cosmetic operations, according to the Foreign Trade Promoter, Procomer. Tweet

costa rica dental implants main

Costa Rica Dental Implants vs Bridges

Costa Rica Dental Tourism - About five to eight years ago if you had lost a tooth your dentist would have recommended that you have a three-tooth bridge as a replacement to your missing tooth. This process would require that 2 undamaged teeth be sacrificed since the dentist would need to re-contour two adjoining healthy and

dental implants costs costa rica

Dental Costs & Prices in the USA vs Costa Rica

Costa Rica Dental Tourism - Dental health is not given that much thought by the US government. It can be seen when Medicaid was established with the promise that it will give easier access to long neglected dental care to the growing number of Americans who have been ignored because of their geographic location, economic status

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