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mosquitoes costa rica

Are Some People More Tasty to Mosquitoes Than Others? (Video)

Are Some People More Tasty to Mosquitoes Than Others? (Video)

Health News – Ever wonder why some people can sit outside in Costa Rica and not be bothered by a single mosquito and others seem to be eaten alive? In my be in your genes. Tweet

sabra hummus

6 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat This Week

World News - Every week lots of foods are pulled from grocery shelves for contamination. There were several recalls this week, but since not every recall reported by the Food and Drug Administration makes headlines, we’ve listed them for you. Here’s all the recalls that have happened over the last week. Remember, if you’ve purchased recalled

pregnant liver transplant

Central America’s First Successful Liver Transplant on Pregnant Woman Performed in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Health News – ajaira García Gómez says she doesn’t remember anything but waking up in a hospital in a lot of pain. Tweet

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