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meditation in office

Calming Your Brain & Finding Peace During Your Busy Days

Calming Your Brain & Finding Peace During Your Busy Days

Health News – The positive power of meditation has made the news once again. Research from Carnegie Mellon University states that practicing mindfulness meditation for 25 minutes per session for three consecutive days can alleviate psychological stress. An analysis of previous studies compiled earlier this year showed this type of meditation—which involves paying attention to your


Do I Have Enterovirus? What to Know About The Virus

Health News – You’ve got a fever and a cough and you feel awful. Or maybe your child is down for the count. It’s probably that new virus that’s been going around and making the news, you think. Or is it? Here’s how to know if you’ve got enterovirus D-68, or EV-D68, and what you

costa rica dental implants

Dental Tourism; Most Popular Dental Procedures in Costa Rica & Prices

Costa Rica Dental Tourism – People from first class countries like the USA and UK travel abroad to take advantage of dental tourism. It not only saves them money for the dental procedure but also gives them a chance to travel to a different part of the globe and enjoy a world class vacation. Tweet

costa rica dental implants main

Saving Bone with Costa Rica Dental Implants

Costa Rica Dental Tourism – Tooth loss or extraction can cause jawbone deterioration, but other factors like gum disease, infection, sinus conditions, trauma, dentures and bridges also contribute to the weakening of the bone along the jaw. Tweet

Ebáis costa rica main

The Dangers of Home Healthcare Visits in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Health News – Primary care technicians in some dangerous areas of Costa Rica have had to make an adjustment to the equipment they carry on house calls. They still bring the scales and apparatus to measure blood pressure, but they are also carrying pepper spray. Tweet

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