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Health articles

pot in costa rica

Why Pot Gives People the Munchies

Why Pot Gives People the Munchies

Health News – So have you ever smoked that big bowl and then thought to yourself a peanut butter cup and a glass of milk sounds really good right now?  There way be a reason for that. Tweet

pregnant liver transplant

Central America’s First Successful Liver Transplant on Pregnant Woman Performed in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Health News – ajaira García Gómez says she doesn’t remember anything but waking up in a hospital in a lot of pain. Tweet

dengue app costa rica 1

See a Dengue Mosquito Hatchery in Costa Rica; Report it With the App

Costa Rica News – I encourage everyone that lives in Costa Rica to get this app to start the fight against Dengue in the country or at least report the problems and see if the government actually acts. PS – Who did it surprise that with this problem facing Costa Rica, that the CR government

dengue vaccine costa rica 1

Are We Close to a Vaccine For Dengue Fever?

Costa Rica News – One of the only things I worry about while living in Costa Rica is the viruses carried by the mosquitoes in the country.  The biggest threats are dengue fever and chikungunya. Tweet

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