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Costa Rica Vacation? Answering Your Questions About The Zika Virus

Costa Rica Vacation? Answering Your Questions About The Zika Virus

Health News  – I know there are a lot of expats living in Costa Rica as well as people thinking of travelling to the country that want to know more about the Zika Virus. Tweet

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Healthcare Essentials for Expats in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica has one of the best healthcare systems in Latin America. In fact, it is ranked by World Health Organisation (WHO) a step higher than the United States of America (USA) in terms of overall healthcare quality. The country faces similar healthcare challenges as the USA, with increasing demand rising from

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New Research Shines Light on Zika Virus Potentially Spreading Through Kissing

Health News – Well for those guys headed to Costa Rica for a Bachelor Party and partaking in some female company while on a trip to the country, you might have something to worry about taking home other than a possible STD. The Zika Virus. Tweet

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World Health Organization Talks Zika Risk at Rio Olympics

World Health News – The World Health Organization’s chief says she has convened an expert committee to consider whether the Rio de Janeiro Olympics should proceed as planned, following recent concerns raised about the threat of the Zika virus. Tweet

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Safe-Sex Guidelines to Prevent Zika

Zika Virus News – This might be a little difficult to follow for those planning on heading to Jaco Beach, one of the biggest places in Costa Rica for prostitution.  Multiple bachelor parties come to the area, and I do not think the future wife would except that she could not have sex with her

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