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Zika-virus costa rica

Zika Is ‘Spreading Explosively’ Across Americas

Zika Is ‘Spreading Explosively’ Across Americas

Costa Rica News – The World Health Organization said Thursday it will convene an emergency committee on the Zika virus, which is “spreading explosively” and suspected of causing birth defects. Tweet

costa rican old people heathcare

Poorest Americans Die Younger Than the Poorest Costa Ricans

Costa Rica Health News – One of the many things economic development buys is longer life. In countries with per-capita GDPs of $1,000 to 2,000 per year, like Haiti, people can expect to die when they’re about 60, but when that figure rises to $40,000 per year, like in Japan, people live until they’re about 80

Chikungunya virus mosquito

Costa Rica Mosquitoes; The Painful Chikungunya Virus

Costa Rica Health News – I know I have said it before but the only thing I ever worry about in Costa Rica are the viruses carried by mosquitoes, dengue and chikungunya.  I never worry about snakes, poisonous frogs or other creepy crawly bugs, but these two I have seen take down the most healthy

sleep on it decision making main

Does ‘Sleeping on It’ Mean Better Decision Making? Not Really

Lifestyle  – The common wisdom is that more sleep is always beneficial, but an experiment by a group of researchers from Harvard Business School finds that not only does it not help, but it can sometimes make the decision more difficult by providing more time for doubt or confusion to seep in. Tweet

porcelain veneers costa rica

Costa Rica Dental Tourism; Which Way to Go, Porcelain Veneers or Crowns?

Costa Rica Dental Tourism – Due to continuous research by professionals involved in the field of dentistry, patients today have now more options to choose from when planning on getting their dental needs addressed. Tweet

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