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Does Wealthier Equal Healthier in Costa Rica?

Does Wealthier Equal Healthier in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – It’s that time again: The 3-year-old daughter falls asleep on the sofa watching her favorite cartoon. Her mother tucks her into bed and suddenly remembers she forgot to give her the necessary long-term insulin to keep her daughter’s blood glucose at a safe level through the night. The mother reaches for the

Why Some of Us Are Wired to Worry

Health & Wellness – We’re all feeling much more stressed out these days, showing up as increases over the last few decades in how many of us suffer from stress-related diseases and disorders. Even if we’re not sick yet, we carry more of the physical markers of stress that lead to future illnesses. We have a

5 Foods That Can Make You Happier

Health News – Some foods taste so good while we’re eating them, but can leave us feeling blah, bloated and feeling guilty just moments after we’ve brushed away the crumbs. But other foods are scientifically shown to lift our spirits. Here are five foods that will make you feel good right away! Tweet

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