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porcelain veneers costa rica

Costa Rica Dental Tourism; Which Way to Go, Porcelain Veneers or Crowns?

Costa Rica Dental Tourism; Which Way to Go, Porcelain Veneers or Crowns?

Costa Rica Dental Tourism – Due to continuous research by professionals involved in the field of dentistry, patients today have now more options to choose from when planning on getting their dental needs addressed. Tweet

Portrait of pretty woman looking her clean fresh armpit; Shutterstock ID 48291592; PO: TODAY.COM

Microwaving Your Armpits to Remove Sweat & Hair?

Health News – How far would you go so you don’t ever break a sweat? Some people are taking an extreme measure — microwaving their underarms — to eliminate odor that comes with a little perspiration as well as remove underarm hair. Bye bye deodorant! Tweet

Dental implants in the gum - Isolated on white

Facts about Dental Implant Costs & Dental Tourism

Anyone who has lost a tooth is a candidate for getting a dental implant – an artificial root that is placed into the jaw to anchor a replacement tooth or bridge to make it look, feel, fit and function like a natural tooth. Tweet

coke graphic main

Want to Drink A Coke? This Graphic Might Make You Think Twice

Health News – I thought about having a Coca-Cola this morning and then saw this graphic and it made me think it might not be such a good idea. But with all of those caffeine addicts out there most likely Cokes will be sucked down all summer. Tweet

A young Costa Rican worker hanging a bunch of bananas up the aircable on the banana plantation near Puerto Limon, Costa Rica, 1 September 2004. Eighty percent of the exported bananas in the world are grown in Latin America. Local farms have no other alternative than to sell for a price offered by the multinational company. When working conditions and ecology is in question, the corporations do not have any responsibility as they do not own plantations. Local governments in the attempt of organizing banana export provide low duty taxes on export, they try to eliminate social and enviromental politics to attract the big companies to their countries.

Costa Rica To Implement Strategy Against Lethal Epidemic

Costa Rica Health News – In an unprecedented measure to combat a deadly kidney disease that is devastating agricultural workers in Central America, the president of Costa Rica announced a national regulation to limit heat stress and dehydration among manual laborers. Tweet

liver transplant costa rica

Costa Rican to Receive Liver Implant From Foreign Donor

Costa Rica News – Thanks to the constant action of her parents, Genesis, a little girl from Golfito, Costa Rica, may be able to receive a Liver transplant from a living donor outside of Costa Rica. Tweet

medical marijuana costa rica main

Medical Marijuana Cultivation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Health News – A man named Ernesto, suffering from brain cancer, has tried surgery and many medications, but still faces the growth of the tumor, dizziness, vomiting, and numbness in half of his body. Tweet


Pedialyte Has the Cure for a Hangover?

Health News – For all those people waking up Sunday morning after a night in Jaco or partying all night in San Jose, a cure for what ails you might be coming from Pedialyte. Tweet

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