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The Broken Road articles

The Broken Road – Importing a Playboy Model

The Broken Road – Importing a Playboy Model

Through everything, I have learned that having love in your life is the one thing that brings true happiness to your soul and fills you to a point of contentment.  This can be found through family, friends, a girl or boyfriend, a child, or God.  Through all my partying I found it easy to find

The Broken Road – Rock Bottom & Masturbation

The place I moved to in Atenas was on the property of a friend of mine and was too expensive and too big for me but I made the first months payment.  I had moved in mid-way through December and was preparing for the hardest time of year, the Christmas holidays and the New Year’s

The Broken Road – Pipe Dreams and Dog Beds

I guess I need to backtrack a little bit as I did not exactly tell you the ending scenario of the Valcor scam and how it dissolved.  As we were not bringing in any more money for the project due to my order that the sales team not sell another share, it was only about

The Broken Road – The Valcor Investment Scam

I was growing quite tired of working at call centers as each day I spent there I felt like I was losing my mind, intelligence and self-respect all at one time. I saw that college diploma collecting dust and I needed a job where I felt like I could use my intelligence and skills in

The Broken Road – AT&T & The Crazy House

I was surviving living pay check to paycheck but I was stilling getting by in what was supposed to be a new life and paradise, but was quickly becoming a living nightmare, with not much living involved.  My college degree was not needed for the jobs available without a work permit and that paid a

The Broken Road – A Costa Rica Sportsbook Job (P3)

Now that my money from the USA was ending it was time for me to at least put a responsibility in my life in Costa Rica.  So I grabbed a copy of La Nacion, Costa Rica’s national Spanish newspaper, to find classifieds in English, picked up a copy of what was then the only print

The Broken Road – Landing in Costa Rica (P2)

Some of you might find this a bit boring, but I think it might help others when they are relocating to the land of “Pura Vida.” When I made the decision it was time to pack my bags and head to Costa Rica I started making preparations about  2 months before the flight to Costa

The Broken Road – Life’s Journey to Costa Rica

The Broken Road (Part 1)  – I have been requested to tell the story of my journey to Costa Rica and the experiences that I encountered in the land of “Pura Vida”.  While the experiences will be truthful, the names of people will  be changed to protect their privacy.  This is not a story of

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