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The Broken Road articles

The Broken Road – Insanity

The Broken Road – Insanity

A popular saying in regards to insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” I had gone into this friendship with Ariel with my heart closed, opening my heart was not something that I either wanted to do nor would allow myself to do, but with her I

The Broken Road – An Angel Arrives

Since the last heartbreak, I had pretty much given up on dating and lost all faith in the female species in general.  When you are in an area that is home to a large population of “Working girls” and tourists,  you kind of just stop looking after a while.  I was not looking for a

The Broken Road – Allowing the Pieces Come Together

The months in Costa Rica had worn me down.  It was a daily and weekly battle to overcome being knocked down again and again. I know that the fight makes you stronger but it wears on your soul. The only thing that kept me going each day was my stubborn desire to not let this

The Broken Road – Opening My Heart

I had been so hung up the fact that Pricilla had not wanted me and that she selected money over love that I had closed my heart to the world.  I had no desire to really be with anyone else and truthfully did not value myself.  Women can sniff this self doubt out like a

The Broken Road – Changing Myself & My Surroundings

I was slowly pushing all the negativity away from me and all the people surrounded by drama were exiting stage left in the story of my life.  All I needed were people that brought happiness into my life and did not suck the energy and passion out of my daily existence.  I needed to clean

The Broken Road – Finding Peace in Costa Rica

After the demon of an ex-roommate had been removed from my general vicinity, all of a sudden things seemed to immediately take a turn for the better and peace entered into my life.  For the first time in a long time, I was able to begin to focus completely on myself and my own happiness. 

The Broken Road – The Roommate From Hell (Maybe Literally)

Sometimes due to our circumstances we allow people to enter our lives that show us that evil truly does exist in the world.  As I look back on this short period of time, I can see that some people in the world have no desire to change from their evil ways. I allowed a demon

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